Governing board definition

Governing board means the Fund's Board of Directors if the Fund is a corporation or the Fund's Board of Trustees if the Fund is a trust, or, where duly authorized, a competent committee thereof.
Governing board means the body carrying out the employment functions of the Academy Trust Company and such term may include the Board of Directors and/or a Local Governing Body of the Academy.
Governing board means the administrators of this compact representing all of the party states when such administrators are acting as a body in pursuance of authority vested in them by this compact.

Examples of Governing board in a sentence

  • Is it mandatory to have a: 🗹 Supervisory board □ Governing board Two different forms of foundation management or administration exist according to the Foundation Act: foundations under their “own management5” and “attached management6”.

  • Is it mandatory to have a: 🗹 Supervisory board □ Governing board Both the supervisory board and the management boards are mandatory.

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Governing board means the Marshall University Board of Governors as provided for in the West Virginia state code.
Governing board means the body responsible for the management of an institution or of an institutional fund.
Governing board means the individual or group of individuals that determine the
Governing board means the Governing Board of the Contra Costa Community College District.
Governing board means (a) the managing member or members or any controlling committee of members of any Person, if such Person is a limited liability company, (b) the board of directors of any Person, if such Person is a corporation or (c) any similar governing body of any Person.