Controlling Authority definition

Controlling Authority means the Minister administering the Tasmanian State Service Act 1984.
Controlling Authority means an authority appointed by the appropriate Government under section 3;
Controlling Authority means the local authority in control of the Service as defined in the Fire Brigade Services Act, 1987;

Examples of Controlling Authority in a sentence

  • The Cadre Controlling Authority will prepare a list of PARs not received and follow up with the Secretaries of the concerned Ministries and Chief Secretaries of the respective States.

  • On successful completion of the period of probation, the candidates shall, if considered fit for permanent appointment, be confirmed to their post by the Controlling Authority.

  • Candidates, who are appointed on the basis of this examination, shall be on probation for a period of two years and during the period of probation, the candidates would be required to undergo such training or pass such examinations as prescribed by the Controlling Authority.

  • The taking of recreation leave is subject to approval by the Controlling Authority of the member's application.

  • If it is not practicable to give prior notice of absence, the member shall notify the Controlling Authority by telephone of such absence at the first opportunity on the day of absence.

More Definitions of Controlling Authority

Controlling Authority means either a chief fire officer, a municipal manager or their respective delegates as contemplated in sections 2 and 3 of this By-law;
Controlling Authority means the Commissioner of Police.
Controlling Authority means the Controlling Authority appointed under sub-section (1) of section 3;
Controlling Authority means the Minister for Public Sector Management.
Controlling Authority in respect of a Party means the person appointed by that Party as responsible for performing, directing or authorizing changes in the condition or physical position of electrical apparatus or devices;
Controlling Authority means the Governing Council in relation to all the Academic Staff.
Controlling Authority means an authority appointed by an appropriate Government under section 3. [Section 2(d)].