Public funds definition

Public funds means money belonging to the government.
Public funds means money, regardless of its source, including from the federal government, that is owned or held by a procurement unit.
Public funds means any money or property owned by the State or a political subdivision thereof, regardless of form and whether in specie or otherwise.

Examples of Public funds in a sentence

  • Control and manage Public funds in accordance with the provisions of the Local Governments Financial and Accounting Regulations.

  • Public funds are intended to flow to the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), whereas teaching grants to arts, humanities and social sciences have been removed.

  • Public funds should not be used for the purchase of department or building level staff awards or tokens of recognition.

More Definitions of Public funds

Public funds means the same as that term is defined in Section 51-7-3.
Public funds means those funds derived, either directly or indirectly, from
Public funds means state or federal funds that are disbursed by the division.
Public funds means any money received by a public entity from appropriations, taxes, fees, interest, or other returns on investment.
Public funds means moneys provided by federal, state, county, city or other local government.
Public funds. (“cronfeydd cyhoeddus”) means moneys provided by Parliament including funds provided by the Welsh Ministers;
Public funds means all money, including non-tax money used in the operation and functions of governing bodies. For purposes of a village which has a lottery es- tablished under the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act, only those net proceeds which are actually received by the village from a licensed lottery operator shall be considered public funds, and public funds shall not include amounts awarded as prizes.(Neb. Rev. Stat. §13-503)