Definition of Port authority

Port authority means an entity created pursuant to Iowa Code Supplement section 28J.2. "Port authority revenue bonds"means revenue bonds and revenue refunding bonds issued pursuant to Iowa Code Supplement section 28J.21. "Public roads" means all public highways, roads, and streets in this state, whether maintained by the state or by a county or city. "Revenues" means rental fees and other charges received by a port authority for the use or services of a facility; a gift or grant received with respect to a facility; moneys received with respect to the lease, sublease, sale, including installment sale or conditional sale, or other disposition of a facility; moneys received in repayment of and for interest on any loans made by the port authority to a person or governmental agency; proceeds of port authority revenue bonds for payment of principal, premium, or interest on the bonds authorized by the port authority; proceeds from any insurance, condemnation, or guarantee pertaining to the financing of the facility; and income and profit from the investment of the proceeds of port authority revenue bonds or of any revenues. 261--70.3(81GA,HF2782) Program procedures. 70.3(1) Iowa port authority grants shall not exceed $80,000 per port authority unless the port authority demonstrates a multiple port authority or regional approach to other government agencies, private individuals or companies beyond the geographic boundaries of the political subdivisions comprising the port authority. 70.3(2) Iowa port authority grants may be awarded on an annual basis with not more than two grants awarded to a single port authority in a single fiscal year. 70.3(3) Not more than 10 percent of any moneys received by a port authority shall be used by the port authority for administrative purposes. 261--70.4(81GA,HF2782) Eligibility. 70.4(1) Eligible applicants. Only Iowa port authorities are eligible to apply to the department for funding under this program. Iowa port authority grant funds may be awarded to qualified port authorities that do all of the following:
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Port authority means the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority.
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Examples of Port authority in a sentence

MERF is intended to fund public/private partnerships in economic development projects that create and /or retain jobs specifically within the geographic area known as the New York portion of the service area of the Port authority of New York and New Jersey.
In 1988, the Harlem International Trade Center Project received a commitment of $50 million in Regional Economic Development Funds from the Port authority of New York and New Jersey.
Enacted by Chapter 179, 2018 General Session Part 6 Property Tax Differential 11-58-601 Port authority receipt and use of property tax differential -- Distribution of property tax differential.
Port authority grant moneys may not be used to cover payroll or payroll ex- penses for a port authority.
DOTY, Mayor - - - BY COUNCILOR STOVER: RESOLVED, that the proper city officials are hereby authorized to accept a temporary license, a copy of which is on file in the office of the city clerk as Public Document No. 02-0408-16, from the Seaway Port authority of Duluth for the use of 40,000 square feet of Garfield C and D Dock, as depicted on said document, for storage of equipment and materials.