Public library definition

Public library means any library that receives financial support from a city or county pursuant to section 256.69.
Public library means a public library as defined in section 2 of 1977 PA 89, MCL 397.552.
Public library means a library that is lawfully established for free public purposes by 1 or more counties, cities, townships, villages, school districts, or other local governments or a combination thereof, or by a public or local act, the entire interests of which belong to the general public. Public library does not include a special library such as a professional, technical, or school library.

Examples of Public library in a sentence

  • Public library purposes, subject to provisions of the Education Law, or as stations of public libraries.

  • Emergency managementMilitary service (See Section 6) Public safetyLaw enforcementPublic interest legal services (See Section 6) Early childhood education (See Section 6)Public service for individuals with disabilities Public service for the elderlyPublic health (See Section 6)Public education (See Section 6) Public library servicesSchool library servicesOther school-based servicesNone of the above - the employer does not qualify.

  • Is recognized by the state board of education as an institution of higher learning and appears as an institution of higher learning in the annual publication of the department of education entitled "the directory of institutions of higher education".(b) "Public library" means a public library as defined in section 2 of 1977 PA 89, MCL 397.552.

  • Public library cooperative means a program of public library services and resources operated or coordinated by a governing body designated by one or more participating local governments.

  • All employees employed by the Seattle Public library are specifically excluded from all provisions of Sections 4.20.315 and 4.20.320.

More Definitions of Public library

Public library means that term as defined in section 2 of the state aid to public libraries act, 1977 PA 89, MCL 397.552.
Public library means a library or library system that
Public library means an off-site facility that is operated by Local Government for the principal purpose of maintaining and loaning a collection of literary, musical, artistic, and/or reference materials and is open to the public and does not charge a fee to borrow materials.
Public library means a public facility in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials are kept for reading, reference or lending.
Public library means a library or library system that is freely open to all persons under identical conditions and which is supported in whole or in part by public funds. Public library shall not include libraries operated as part of any university, college, school museum, the Oklahoma Historical Society or county law libraries;
Public library means a library, or two or more libraries, that is operated by a single public jurisdiction and that serves its residents free of charge.
Public library means any library established pursuant to article