Primary care services definition

Primary care services means health care services
Primary care services means health care provided by a primary care provider.
Primary care services means the screening, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment conducted within the competency and training of the primary care provider for the purpose of promoting health or detecting and managing disease or injury.

Examples of Primary care services in a sentence

  • In accordance with applicable law, ABCHP may, from time to time, refer an Enrollee with a life-threatening or degenerative and disabling disease or condition which requires specialized medical care over a prolonged period of time to a Participating Specialty Physician for the provision of Primary Care Services.

  • On or around the fifteenth (15th) day of each month, ABCHP shall pay HC the Capitated Rate in accordance with the Rate Schedules set forth above for Primary Care Services to be provided to Enrollees eligible to receive services in that month.

  • In the event that an Enrollee becomes ineligible for any reason to receive Primary Care Services under the terms of this Agreement, ABCHP shall pay to HC a portion of the Capitated Rate for such Enrollee based upon the period of time such Enrollee was eligible until the date on which HC is on notice of the ineligibility.

  • HC agrees to participate in the lines of business selected in Exhibit A that payment by ABCHP of the Capitated Rate set forth in Exhibit A shall constitute payment in full for all Primary Care Services provided to the Enrollee.

  • HC shall provide such Primary Care Services to all Enrollees who select or are assigned to a Participating Primary Care Practitioner employed by or otherwise retained by HC.

More Definitions of Primary care services

Primary care services means health care items or services available from Primary Care Providers within the scope of their medical or professional licenses or certifications, and shall include primary care items and services required by the Provider Manual or Program Requirements, which may include (i) assuring the timeliness of urgent, emergent, sick and preventive care to Members; (ii) conducting initial health assessments of new Members when such assessments are Covered Services under the applicable Benefit Plan; (iii) informing Members of specific health care needs that require follow up; (iv) instructing Members on measures they may take to promote their own health; (v) providing the coordination necessary for the referral of Members to specialists; or (vi) monitoring and follow-up of care provided by other providers for diagnosis and treatment.
Primary care services means those services set out in Section 12 below and detailed in the Service Contract.
Primary care services means the first
Primary care services means professional comprehensive personal health services, which may include health education and disease prevention, treatment of uncomplicated health problems, diagnosis of chronic health problems, and overall management of health care services for an individual or a family, and the services of a psychiatrist. "Primary health care services" also includes providing the initial contact for health care services and making referrals for secondary and tertiary care and for continuity of health care services. (R.C. 3702.71(B).)
Primary care services means those Covered Services customarily provided by a primary care physician in his or her office as well as services customarily provided by an attending primary care physician to institutionalized patients, and includes, by way of example and not limitation, the Primary Care Services set forth in Attachment A.