Water Resources Sample Clauses

Water Resources. Four (4) Union Stewards unless the unit falls below sixty (60) employees and then not more than two (2) Union Stewards.
Water Resources. 1. The Parties recognise the importance of cooperation in the development of water resources (including irrigation, hydropower and water supply) for the improvement of the livelihoods of the populations. The objectives in this area are:
Water Resources. The Water Resources Goal of the RPP is to maintain a sustainable supply of high-quality untreated drinking water and protect, preserve, or restore the ecological integrity of Cape Cod’s fresh and marine surface water resources. The Property is located within three Town Groundwater Protection Overlay Districts, including the Aquifer Protection Overlay District, the Groundwater Protection Overlay District, and the Well Protection Overlay District. The uses proposed by the Project are allowed uses under local zoning. The Property is also in a Wellhead Protection Area/Zone II. Stormwater Management The primary source for onsite nitrogen loading will be from stormwater runoff. The proposed stormwater management is designed to comply with MassDEP stormwater standards. Consistent with the RPP, the nitrogen load generated by the Residential Development at full buildout will be 1.20 ppm-N, which is below the 5ppm sitewide nitrogen loading concentration limit. The Residential Development’s pretreatment has been designed to achieve 44% Total Suspended Solid (TSS) removal and treatment trains will achieve 80% TSS removal. Based on the calculations, the proposed stormwater management mitigates impacts to the groundwater and marine water resources, consistent with the RPP.
Water Resources. Grantor may use, maintain, establish, and construct, water sources, water courses, and water bodies, including ponds, on the Property for the uses permitted by this Easement, provided that Grantor does not significantly impair or disturb the natural course of the surface water drainage or runoff flowing over the Property. Grantor may alter the non-channelized, natural flow of water over the Property in order to improve drainage of agricultural or forest soils, reduce soil erosion, or improve the agricultural or forest management potential of the Property, provided such alteration is consistent with the purposes of this Easement and is carried out consistent with the Whole Farm Plan. Any stream work, including but not limited to, gravel removal, streambank or bed disturbance or stabilization, or bridge and culvert construction, shall only be undertaken with prior approval of the Grantee, except for emergency work resulting from natural events beyond the control of the Grantor, such as the need to restore transportation routes, maintain farm operations, and to protect health, safety, and property.
Water Resources. Question: How do different treatment strategies affect water quality (e.g. stream temperature, turbidity, sediment transport) and the water budget (e.g. infiltration and soil moisture) across different hydroclimatic and forest regimes? Specific study goals:
Water Resources. 4.1. Water Conservation Measures. Irrigation water for the Revised Project shall be supplied with a private on-site well. Each Phase of the Revised Project shall include in its design, construction and operation water- conserving measures including but not limited to low or dual-flush toilets, water conserving faucets and showerheads. Prior to and as a condition to issuance of a Preliminary Certificate of Compliance for any Phase or sub-phase, the Applicant shall provide to Commission staff for that Phase or sub-phase, a checklist of all water conservation measures proposed to be installed to ensure consistency with the water conservation measures referenced in MPS WR1.5 and BPD WR1.7.
Water Resources. The Agency will not require the employee to perform hazardous work or to operate hazardous equipment without either at least one (1) other person in the area, although such other person may be performing other related duties, or will provide other safeguards such as mobile communication or a SPOTS device.