City Treasurer definition

City Treasurer means the appointed and acting City Treasurer or, in the City Treasurer’s absence, the appointed acting City Treasurer of the City.
City Treasurer means the treasurer of the municipal corporation in which a municipal court, other than a county-operated municipal court, is located.
City Treasurer means the person filling the office of Treasurer of the City of Toronto or the person then acting as such.

Examples of City Treasurer in a sentence

  • All bills payable by the City, other than for the payment of salaries and related payroll taxes established by the Mayor and City Council, for monthly utilities, and for rent or installment payable under leases or installment contracts which have been approved by the Mayor and City Council, shall be submitted to the City Treasurer.

  • The issuance of the Bonds and the amount of the Loan advanced thereunder shall be recorded in the office of the City Treasurer, and the certificate on the back of each Bond shall be executed with the official manual or facsimile signature of the City Treasurer.

  • Recommendation The Deputy City Manager, Planning & Growth Management and the Director of Parks Development in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer & City Treasurer and the Director of Procurement Services, recommend: 1.

  • The Clerk shall turn over all money collected to the City Treasurer.

  • In addition to complying with the General Provisions of this By-law, a person applying for a pawnbroker licence shall provide security in the amount of $2,000 to the satisfaction of the City Treasurer in accordance with section 6 of the Pawnbrokers Act R.S.O. 1990.

More Definitions of City Treasurer

City Treasurer means the treasurer of the City;
City Treasurer means the individual appointed by Municipal Council in accordance with the Municipal Act;
City Treasurer means the duly appointed or elected treasurer of any city or town.
City Treasurer or “Treasurer” means the de jure or de facto treasurer of the City, or his or her successor in functions, if any.
City Treasurer means a person, or person ‘acting’ in this capacity with chief responsibility for Corporate Finances at the City (Managing Director, Corporate Services and City Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer).
City Treasurer means the City Treasurer of the City.
City Treasurer means the person appointed by Council to discharge the duties of the treasurer described in section 286 of the Municipal Act;