Department Members Sample Clauses

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  • Departments Each teaching member shall belong to one home department. Departments of a university shall be established by the University administration with the advice of the Senate according to criteria of commonality of interest and academic purpose, without any numerical limits on size. Divisions or other major groupings of departments with some common interest may also be formed.

  • Department The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities or any successor state agency.

  • Departmental Seniority Departmental seniority is defined as the length of employment within the employee’s current department. Department seniority shall accrue as of the first day of employment or transfer into a new department.

  • Department Chairpersons The principal shall designate a high school librarian to serve as department chairperson, and such chairperson shall attend all school department chairperson meetings.

  • Department Chairs 29.4.1 OC shall appoint a Chair for the Counselling, Library, and every instructional department from among those departmental members holding continuing appointments.

  • Professional Development Fund A budget item equal to one-half (½) of one (1) percent of employees' salaries shall be set aside annually to be used to:

  • Department Seniority Department seniority is defined as continuous length of service in calendar days within the employee’s department and where applicable, shall be used for internal department processes, such as vacation and schedule bids.

  • Legal Tender of United States All payments hereunder shall be made in coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender in the United States of America for public and private debts.

  • Department Heads A. Department Heads shall not be required to act as the school disciplinarians.

  • Official Personnel File Only one (1) official personnel file shall be kept for each employee at the appropriate personnel office. Records of previous discipline not found in the official personnel file cannot be used against an employee in any future disciplinary proceeding. Grievances shall not be kept in the employee’s official personnel file. Employees shall be informed as to where their personnel file is maintained.