Defendants’ Releasees definition

Defendants’ Releasees means Activision, Defendants, defendants in the Miller Action, and any other current or former officer, director, or employee of Activision or of Vivendi, and their respective past, present, or future family members, spouses, heirs, trusts, trustees, executors, estates, administrators, beneficiaries, distributees, foundations, agents, employees, fiduciaries, partners, partnerships, general or limited partners or partnerships, joint ventures, member firms, limited liability companies, corporations, parents, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, associated entities, stockholders, principals, officers, directors, managing directors, members, managing members, managing agents, predecessors, predecessors-in-interest, successors, successors-in-interest, assigns, financial or investment advisors, advisors, consultants, investment bankers, entities providing any fairness opinion, underwriters, brokers, dealers, financing sources, lenders, commercial bankers, attorneys, personal or legal representatives, accountants, associates and insurers, co-insurers and re-insurers except with respect to claims by any Defendant or Nominal Defendant against such insurer, co-insurer, or re-insurer that have not otherwise been released pursuant to other documentation.
Defendants’ Releasees means Defendants and their current and former parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, successors, predecessors, assigns, assignees, partnerships, partners, trustees, trusts, employees, Immediate Family Members, insurers, reinsurers, and attorneys, in their capacities as such.
Defendants’ Releasees means each and every one of, and “DefendantsReleasees” means all of, (i) Defendants and (ii) for each of them, (x) their respective agents, representatives, attorneys (including Defendants’ Counsel), advisors, administrators, accountants, consultants, assigns, assignees, partners, successors-in-interest, insurers (including without limitation the Insurance Carriers) and reinsurers, in their respective capacity as such (y) to the extent the Defendant is an entity, its current and former officers, directors, officials, any and all in-house counsel and outside counsel, auditors, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors, predecessors, employees, fiduciaries, service providers and investment bankers, in their respective capacity as such and (z) to the extent the Defendant is an individual, each of his estates, heirs, executors, beneficiaries, trusts and trustees, in their respective capacity as such.

Examples of Defendants’ Releasees in a sentence

Neither Defendants, nor any of the other Defendants’ Releasees, shall have any involvement in or any responsibility, authority, or liability whatsoever for the selection of the Claims Administrator, the Plan of Allocation, the administration of the Settlement, the Claims process, or disbursement of the Net Settlement Fund, and shall have no liability whatsoever to any person or entity, including, but not limited to, Lead Plaintiffs, any other Class Members, or Lead Counsel in connection with the foregoing.

In consideration of the settlement of the Released Plaintiffs’ Claims against the Defendants’ Releasees, Defendants’ Insurers shall pay the Settlement Amount into the Escrow Account no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the date of entry by the Court of an order preliminarily approving this Settlement.

More Definitions of Defendants’ Releasees

Defendants’ Releasees means each and every past and current Defendant, including and every of the Defendants as defined in ¶ 1.8,and, whether or not identified in any complaint filed in the Action, each Defendant’s respective families, associates, affiliates, and each and all of their past or present directors, officers, employees, partners, member firms or affiliates, principals, agents, predecessors, successors, parents, subsidiaries, divisions, joint ventures, attorneys, accountants, insurers (including the Insurers), co-insurers, reinsurers, assigns, spouses, heirs, executors, trustees, general or limited partners or partnerships, limited liability companies, members, personal or legal representatives, estates, administrators, predecessors, successors and assigns or other individuals or entities in which any Defendant has a controlling interest or which is related to or affiliated with any Defendant’s associates, related or affiliated entities, or any members of their immediate families, or any trusts for which any of them are trustees, settlers or beneficiaries.
Defendants’ Releasees means Defendants named in the Complaint and IBM, and any and all of their related entities, including, without limitation, any and all of their past or present parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, predecessors, or successors, Successors-In-Interest, as well as any and all of its or their current or former officers, directors, employees, associates, members of their immediate families, agents or other persons acting on their behalf, co-fiduciaries, independent fiduciaries, or other fiduciaries who had any responsibilities with respect to the Plan, underwriters, insurers, reinsurers, attorneys, advisors, financial advisors, publicists, independent certified public accountants, auditors, accountants, assigns, creditors, administrators, heirs, estates, or legal representatives.
Defendants’ Releasees means each and all of the following: (a) each and every Defendant; (b) Defendants’ respective present and former parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, divisions, directors, officers, general partners, limited partners, Immediate Family Members, heirs, principals, trustees, trusts, executors, administrators, predecessors, successors, successors in interest, assigns, members, agents, employees, managers, representatives, estates, divisions, advisors, estate managers, indemnifiers, insurers (including, but not limited to, Directors and Officers Liability Program Insurers), reinsurers, bankers, consultants, attorneys, accountants, and auditors, in their respective capacities as such; and (c) any entity in which any Defendant has or had a controlling interest.
Defendants’ Releasees means Defendants and each of a Defendant’s past, present and future parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees, partners, members principals, agents, underwriters, insurers, co-insurers, reinsurers, controlling shareholders, attorneys, accountants or auditors, financial or investment advisors or consultants, banks or investment bankers, personal or legal representatives, predecessors, successors, assigns, spouses, heirs, related or affiliated entities, any entity in which a Defendant has a majority interest, any member of an Individual Defendant’s immediate family, or any trust of which any Individual Defendant is the settlor or which is for the benefit of any Defendant and/or member(s) of his or her family.
Defendants’ Releasees means the Defendants and their respective present and former parents, subsidiaries, divisions, joint ventures and affiliates, and each of their respective present and former employees, members, partners, principals, officers, directors, attorneys, advisors, accountants, auditors, and insurers (but only in such insurers’ capacity as insurers of the foregoing); and the predecessors, successors, estates, heirs, executors, trusts, trustees, administrators, agents, fiduciaries, consultants, representatives and assigns of each of them, in their capacity as such.
Defendants’ Releasees means each and every one of Genworth and the Individual Defendants, Defendants’ Counsel, and, as applicable to either (i) an Individual Defendant or (ii) the corporate Defendant, any of Defendants’ present and former parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, associates, business units or divisions, and each and all of their respective past and present directors, Officers, members, principals, employees, managers, attorneys, financial or investment advisors, consultants, accountants, actuaries, auditors, indemnifiers, representatives, bankers, insurers, reinsurers, heirs, estates, trustees, trusts, executors, administrators, general or limited partners or partnerships, and each of their respective predecessors, successors and assigns, and any of the Individual Defendants’ Immediate Family members.