Limited Partners definition

Limited Partners means all such Persons.
Limited Partners are defined in the Partnership Agreement.
Limited Partners means those Persons who from time to time are limited partners of the Borrower; and “Limited Partner” means each of the Limited Partners, individually.

Examples of Limited Partners in a sentence

  • The Limited Partners shall only have the right to inspect the Schedule of Partners upon the prior consent of the General Partner.

  • Additional Limited Partners may be admitted to the Partnership in accordance with Section 6.1. Admission as a Limited Partner (including a Limited Partner admitted after the date hereof) will not change a Person’s employment status with any Affiliate of the Partnership or make any such Person an employee of the Partnership.

  • The General Partner shall cause to be maintained at the principal office of the Partnership or such other place as the Partnership Act may permit, the Schedule of Partners, being a register of limited partnership interests and a record of contribution of the Limited Partners which shall include such information as may be required by the Partnership Act.

  • The General Partner may, in its discretion, seek the consent of Limited Partners with respect to actions of the Partnership (including without limitation any consent under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended), and, unless otherwise specifically provided herein, the vote or consent of a Majority-in-Interest of the Limited Partners shall bind the Partnership and the Limited Partners.

  • Subject to the requirements of Article IX, the details and documentation relating to any transaction or transactions effected pursuant to this Section 7.6 shall be as determined by the General Partner, in its sole discretion, and shall not require the consent of the Advisory Committee or of any of the Limited Partners.

More Definitions of Limited Partners

Limited Partners means those Persons whose names are set forth on Exhibit A to the Partnership Agreement as Limited Partners, their permitted successors or assigns as limited partners hereof, and/or any Person who, at the time of reference thereto, is a limited partner of the Operating Partnership.
Limited Partners shall have the meaning given such terms in the Partnership Agreement.
Limited Partners means all such Investor Partners.
Limited Partners means the limited partners of the Partnership.
Limited Partners means the limited partners from time to time of the Partnership;