Nominal Defendant definition

Nominal Defendant means the person who is the nominal defendant for the purposes of this Part;
Nominal Defendant means Broadcom Corporation, including its Board of Directors and any committee thereof.
Nominal Defendant means Associated Estates Realty Corporation.

Examples of Nominal Defendant in a sentence

  • WILSON, Defendants, -and- WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, INC., Nominal Defendant.

  • In respect of any such action, the Nominal Defendant is liable as if it were the owner or driver of the motor vehicle.

  • Where, after the commencement of a proceeding within paragraph (1) or (3), the Incorporated Nominal Defendant has been appointed administrator ad litem of the estate of the deceased person under section 158 of the Transport Accident Act 1986, the Court may for the purpose of paragraph (5), if the cause of action falls within section 158 of that Act, order that the Incorporated Nominal Defendant be appointed to represent the estate of the deceased.

  • It is not the policy of the Nominal Defendant to recognise the debt or potential income accruing as the result of judgements granted in favour of it for legal costs and claims against uninsured owners and/or drivers.

  • FBT and GST are the only taxes accounted for by the Nominal Defendant.

More Definitions of Nominal Defendant

Nominal Defendant means Salomon Brothers Municipal Partners Fund Inc.
Nominal Defendant means The South Financial Group, Inc.
Nominal Defendant means Ixia and includes all of its subsidiaries, predecessors, successors, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents.
Nominal Defendant means, with respect to the Derivative Litigation, VeriSign.
Nominal Defendant means Comverse.
Nominal Defendant. “Certus” or the “Company” means nominal defendant Certus Holdings, Inc.
Nominal Defendant means theNominal Defendant referred to in section 32.