Development Cost definition

Development Cost means the total of all costs incurred in the completion of a Development excluding Developer Fee and total land cost as shown in the Development Cost line item on the development cost pro forma within the Application.
Development Cost means the total of all costs incurred in the completion of a Development excluding Developer Fee, operating deficit reserves, and total land cost as typically shown in the Development Cost line item on the development cost pro forma.
Development Cost means, with respect to any Development Property, the undepreciated “book value” of such Development Property.

Examples of Development Cost in a sentence

Estimated costs for project development must include a firm ‘not to exceed’ number that will represent the maximum cost Libraries could incur for all work associated with Project. Line item detail and purpose for any other project costs not addressed above; all costs/fees must be included in Total Project Development Cost.

Community based developments which receive local government assistance in an amount not less than 5% of the Total Development Cost* (i.e., land donations, cash, or tax increment financing).

Interim and permanent financing sufficient to fund the proposed Total Housing Development Cost less any other funds requested from the Department must be included in the Application.

The calculations will be based on the cost listed in the Development Cost Schedule and NRA shown in the Rent Schedule.

The calculation of the percentages stated in subparagraph (A) of this paragraph will be based strictly on the figures listed in the Funding Request and Development Cost Schedule.

More Definitions of Development Cost

Development Cost means the cost of purchasing and developing the sites in- cluding engineering and legal fees, streets, roads, utilities, minimum es- sential administrative costs, necessary equipment and estimated interest which the borrower cannot pay from other sources.
Development Cost means all costs incurred to construct the Unit, excluding the cost of the land.
Development Cost means expenses and costs incurred by either Party during Development of a Candidate Drug, the Product or any Combination Product until the First Commercial Sale of the Product or any Combination Product anywhere in the world.
Development Cost means, for all studies or activities performed in accordance with a Development Plan for the Development of Product, (a) all out-of-pocket costs and expenses incurred (i.e., paid to Third Parties or accrued and payable to Third Parties) by USL or Orion or their Affiliates, (b) the Party Internal Development Cost of such studies or activities, and (c) the Clinical Supply Cost of such studies or activities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Development Costs shall not include any costs or expenses incurred in connection with manufacturing process development and validation, manufacturing scale-up, stability testing, or quality assurance/quality control development for the Product. Without limiting the foregoing, among the costs excluded from the definition of “Development Costs” are the following (which shall be borne by Orion): (1) the costs for manufacture of three (3) NDA lots of each strength or dosage of the Product; and (2) the costs for validation, stability testing, and quality assurance and quality control development for the Product
Development Cost means development costs reported in accordance with the sheet attached in Appendix 2.
Development Cost means the amount determined by the supervising agency to be the actual cost of the development, or of the part thereof for which such determination is made, and includes, among other costs, the reasonable costs of planning the development, including preliminary studies and surveys, neighborhood planning, and architectural and engineering services, the reasonable value of the services performed by or for the incorporators of a redevelopment corporation in connection with the development plan prior to the time when the redevelopment corporation was incorporated or became a redevelopment corporation, fees for acquisition costs, the costs of financing the development, including carrying charges during construction, working capital in an amount not exceeding five percent (5%) of development cost, the actual cost of real property or any part thereof where acquired partly or wholly in exchange for securities, then, an amount which shall be approved by the supervising agency as being equal to the reasonable value of the real property acquired therefor, the actual cost of demolition of existing structures, the actual cost of utilities, landscaping and roadways, the actual cost of construction, equipment and furnishing of buildings and improvements, including architectural, engineering and builder's fees, the actual cost of reconstruction, rehabilitation, remodeling or initial repair of existing buildings and improvements, reasonable management and operation costs until the development is ready for use, and the actual cost of improving that portion of the development area which is to remain as open space, together with such additions to development cost as shall equal the actual cost of additions to or changes in the development in accordance with the original development plan or after approved changes in or amendments thereto;[.]
Development Cost means the costs incurred by SYNTA for its account after the Effective Date which are consistent with a Development Plan and are specifically attributable to the Development of Licensed Compounds or Licensed Products. Such costs shall mean the direct cost and indirect costs of all SYNTA Development personnel and Third Party costs, all of them incurred to further the Development of Licensed Compounds or Licensed Products. SYNTA shall calculate the direct and indirect costs of SYNTA Development personnel based on the FTE Rate.