Development Cost definition

Development Cost means the total of all costs incurred in the completion of a Development excluding Developer Fee, operating deficit reserves, and total land cost as typically shown in the Development Cost line item on the development cost pro forma.
Development Cost means the total of all costs incurred in the completion of a Development

Examples of Development Cost in a sentence

  • Allowable Expense Level (AEL), Fair Market Rent (FMR), and Total Development Cost (TDC) are used to adjust the amount of subsidy for FCAS to reflect local conditions.

  • The City and the Consultant shall meet to review the provisional Phase 1/Phase 2 Design Development Documents and Cost Estimates in order to reach agreement on any City-authorized adjustment to the approved Project schedule or construction budget and identify any necessary clarifications of the provisional Design Development Documents and/or the 100% Design Development Cost Estimates.14.

  • Development Cost Charges (DCC’s) The Local Government Act sections 932 through 937 enable municipalities to collect DCCs for among other things, parkland acquisition and improvement.

  • Annual Expense Level (AEL): Fair Market Rent (FMR):Total Development Cost (TDC):$277$734$411,622 In accordance with §1000.336(a)(7)(b), AEL cannot be challenged.

  • Provide a detailed Sources and Uses Total Development Cost (TDC) proforma, with a predevelopment budget (pre- construction).

More Definitions of Development Cost

Development Cost means, with respect to any Development Property, the undepreciatedbook value” of such Development Property.
Development Cost means with respect to any Proprietary Rights (and any other rights to produce or sell products) to be acquired from an Affiliate of the Issuer, all costs of Affiliates of the Issuer to develop such Proprietary Rights (and any other rights to produce or sell products) from initiation of their development to their sale or transfer to the Issuer or any Subsidiary Guarantor, including the cost of acquiring such Proprietary Rights (and other rights to produce or sell such products), allocated personnel costs, third party development services, third party bio-study costs, pre-market manufacturing, outside legal expenses and allocated research and development overhead expenses, in each case as such costs are reflected (or are allowed to be reflected) in the financial statements of the Issuer or its Affiliates in accordance with IFRS;
Development Cost means, for all studies or activities performed in accordance with a Development Plan for the Development of Product, (a) all out-of-pocket costs and expenses incurred (i.e., paid to Third Parties or accrued and payable to Third Parties) by USL or Orion or their Affiliates, (b) the Party Internal Development Cost of such studies or activities, and (c) the Clinical Supply Cost of such studies or activities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Development Costs shall not include any costs or expenses incurred in connection with manufacturing process development and validation, manufacturing scale-up, stability testing, or quality assurance/quality control development for the Product. Without limiting the foregoing, among the costs excluded from the definition of “Development Costs” are the following (which shall be borne by Orion): (1) the costs for manufacture of three (3) NDA lots of each strength or dosage of the Product; and (2) the costs for validation, stability testing, and quality assurance and quality control development for the Product
Development Cost means expenses and costs incurred by either Party during Development of a Candidate Drug, the Product or any Combination Product until the First Commercial Sale of the Product or any Combination Product anywhere in the world.
Development Cost means all costs incurred to construct the Unit, excluding the cost of the land.