Enhancement Requests Sample Clauses

Enhancement Requests. Licensor and Pear shall enter into a separate agreement for any enhancement requests made by Pear.
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Enhancement Requests. Binary Tree may, but will have no obligations to, consider Client’s suggestions or request regarding new functionality of features of the Software (“Enhancement Requests”). All modifications proposed or requested in an Enhancement Request will be the sole and exclusive property of Binary Tree. Binary Tree may, in its sole discretion, include such modifications in a future version of the Software, but Binary Tree’s acceptance and consideration of an Enhancement Request will not obligate Binary Tree to include in any version of the Software any modifications proposed or requested in such Enhancement Request.
Enhancement Requests. 9.1 The Licensee may lodge with the Licensor a request from the Licensee to enhance or otherwise improve the Application.
Enhancement Requests. “ER”) An ER is a request for a future product enhancement or modification to add official support and Documentation for unsupported or undocumented features, or features that do not exist in the Software. Hortonworks will take ERs into consideration in the product management process, but has no obligation to deliver enhancements based on any ER. ER’s should be logged as S4 cases.
Enhancement Requests. Client may, from time to time during the Term, request that Contractor develop certain Enhancements to the Managed Applications in accordance with the Enhancement Request process described below (each request, an “Enhancement Request”):
Enhancement Requests. Company shall have a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable, irrevocable, perpetual license to use or incorporate into the Services any suggestions, enhancement requests, recommendations or other feedback provided by Client, including Users, relating to the operation of the Services.
Enhancement Requests. For all Enhancement Requests by Distributor, WEB4 shall either provide Distributor with an estimated schedule for the addition of the Enhancement Request to the Product at no charge or advise Distributor if such Enhancement Request represents a special development effort and Distributor may request such Enhancement Request at a mutually agreed upon cost and schedule. Such Enhancement Request will be made to the Sales/Marketing Representative in this Exhibit.
Enhancement Requests. The customer can make formal requests for functional enhancements to be made to the software platform. The company agrees to reply to each of these requests within 14 days. The company is not obligated to deliver all or any enhancements requested by the customer. Where the company agrees to provide an enhancement, the response will indicate the duration, expected delivery and the price of that enhancement.
Enhancement Requests. The opportunity to provide your valuable input into the modification and enhancement of existing product features. Help the global development team continue to bring enhancements that benefit manufacturing businesses DESIGNER COMPANION DESIGNER Companion is a CAD Application that gives users the ability to successfully design and manipulate parts for smarter manufacturing. The DESIGNER App is used for solid model preparation in preperation for CNC Machining. DESIGNER Companion is included as part of your Yearly Maintenance Agreement. The connection between ALPHACAM and DESIGNER is based upon design automation from CAD to CAM. CUSTOMER CARE ADD-ONS To maintain a successful solution, we provide SMA add-ons to ensure you receive tailored care and assistance, providing a smooth implementation and upkeep of your system. TECH SUPPORT Access to our team of ALPHACAM Technicians to investigate any issues you may experience with the program or solution provided. Utilising resources such as Web Rescue puts us close at hand to work through to a resolution. YEARLY SYSTEM CHECK Our Team allocate time to provide a check of your system and ensure its smooth operation. This time provides a great opportunity to chat with our team about making improvements and how to achieve greater results with the latest enhancements.
Enhancement Requests. MarketFirst shall provide Customer with a response within five (5) working days of receiving the Enhancement Request. Within fifteen (15) working days of receiving the request, MarketFirst will provide Customer with a statement as to the disposition of the Enhancement Request, which MarketFirst shall determine in its sole discretion. This may include providing the requested or similar functionality in an Update or in a future Program release.