Affixed definition

Affixed means attached.
Affixed means that the manufactured home is installed in accordance with the state required installation standards, with wheels, axles, and towing hitch removed, and with the owner of the home having an intention that the manufactured home becomes an improvement to the real property whereon it is situated as evidenced by the filing of the affidavits provided in this article. The filing of the affidavits provided for in this article is conclusive proof of the intent to affix the manufactured home to real property.

Examples of Affixed in a sentence

  • Local ID Markers (Stand-Alone or Affixed) are not allowed on limited access facilities unless they are part of an overall aesthetic treatment plan that can include landscaping and other aesthetic components.

More Definitions of Affixed

Affixed as applied to goods, means erected upon or fixed or annexed to land in such a manner and under such circumstances as to constitute fixtures;
Affixed means “secured” “adjusting means” means its functions are:
Affixed means that the manufactured home is installed in
Affixed and “Affixing” means to fasten, by the Licensee or its contractors, the material, apparatus, equipment or facilities of the Licensee to poles or other equipment of the Owner or In-span.
Affixed to this agreement as Attachment "C" is a list the duties you are responsible for as a Director. The Company shall reimburse you for reasonable travel and other expenses incurred in the course of performing services hereunder. You will receive no other compensation for your services as a member of the Board of Directors of the Company. Additionally, you agree that prior to commencement of your service as a member of the Board of Directors; you will execute, and deliver to an officer of the Company, the Company's Confidentiality and Development Agreement, a copy of which I have enclosed for your review and execution as Attachment "D" (the "Nondisclosure and Non-Solicitation Agreement"). In addition, you will abide by the Company's strict policy that prohibits any new employee, consultant or advisor from using or bringing with him or her from any previous employer any confidential information, trade secret, or proprietary materials or processes of such employer. You agree that your relationship with the Company will be that of a Director. Again, let me indicate how pleased we all are to extend this offer, and how much we look forward to working together. Please indicate your acceptance by signing and returning the enclosed copy of this letter and the affixed attachments. Only a written agreement signed by the Company and you can modify or amend this letter agreement. Very truly yours, VERTICAL COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC. By: ________________________________ Xxxxxxx Xxxx President/CEO Vertical Computer Systems, Inc., Majority-controlling shareholder of Government Internet Systems, Inc. ACCEPTED AND AGREED: -------------------------- By: _______________________________ NAME ATTACHMENT A WARRANT ATTACHMENT B BUY BACK AGREEMENT ATTACHMENT C GOVERNMENT INTERNET SYSTEMS, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS DUTIES o Attend regularly scheduled Board meeting that will be normally be every two months. o Become knowledgeable of the Company products. o Be a champion for GIS products and services. o Introduce company products to potential users and decision makers. o Introduce Company employees to potential clients and assist with the selling effort. ATTACHMENT D NONDISCLOSURE AND NON-SOLICITATION AGREEMENT

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