Impression definition

Impression means an imprint or negative likeness of teeth and/or other tissues of the oral cavity from which a positive reproduction may be made.
Impression means each occurrence of Advertising on a Page resulting from a User accessing or visiting such Page.
Impression means a single display of an Ad on a web page.

Examples of Impression in a sentence

  • We will have no obligation to provide you with an Impression guarantee for any Renewal Term for any Online Display Product or any Social Ad product.

  • If you order a Social Ads package only, there is no Impression guarantee.

  • As stated above, Social Ad only packages do not include an Impression guarantee.

More Definitions of Impression

Impression means a user's viewing of any discrete screen of a Co-branded Page containing any Banner Advertisement.
Impression means each time eToro's advertisement is displayed to a user while viewing a web page in the Affiliate Websites;
Impression means the printed image on suitable material whether paper or any other substance, made off the plate by print- ing, stamping, casting or any other process commonly used in the graphic arts.
Impression means each instance that a single Ad Banner is rendered for display on a web page as measured by Yahoo!.
Impression means the display of any Promotion on any NBCi Site.
Impression. The technical effect that results from a user viewing an information banner posted on a web site.