Impression definition

Impression means an imprint or negative likeness of teeth and/or other tissues of the oral cavity from which a positive reproduction may be made.
Impression means a single display of an Ad on a web page.
Impression means each occurrence of Advertising on a Page resulting from a User accessing or visiting such Page.

Examples of Impression in a sentence

  • The Clinical Global Impression (CGI) scale is considered effective in capturing both the larger clinical picture of psychopathology and subtle changes, though it lacks specificity.

  • Due to the rise of the Internet and social media, much of the Impression management for clients occurs online.For this reason it is particularly interesting to explore a phenomenon such as online self- promotion in an industry where image-creation is already a common feature, and digital platforms are key mechanisms in the everyday environment.Applying for your first job in a public relations agency today an assumption is that it requires familiarity with digital communication channels.

  • However, there are loss fromproject development which was under construction, of pipeline project, The Impression Ekkamai which are from the joint-ventures companies; All Inspire – Hoosiers Sukhumvit 50Company Limited and AHJ Ekkamai Company Limited respectively.

  • In Applied Impression Management How ImageMaking Affects Managerial Decisions.

  • Without conducting research to help better understand the views and concerns of recruiters targeted by self-promotional acts, the question of its role in today’s job market, and whether it contributes to employment or not, remains unanswered.1.1 Problem statement In a public relations agency a key task is to portray a favorable image of the clients that the agency is representing, one could call it; to Impression manage for others.

More Definitions of Impression

Impression means the display of any Promotion on any NBCi Site.
Impression means each time eToro's advertisement is displayed to a user while viewing a web page in the Affiliate Websites;
Impression means a user's viewing of any discrete screen of a Co-branded Page containing any Banner Advertisement.
Impression means the printed image on suitable material whether paper or any other substance, made off the plate by print- ing, stamping, casting or any other process commonly used in the graphic arts.
Impression means a facsimile of a seal on a document, regardless of the medium used.
Impression means each occurrence of Advertising on a page of a Target Site resulting from a Visitor accessing or visiting such page.