Credited Service definition

Credited Service means the member's total period of service
Credited Service means the period of service used to
Credited Service means the sum of the prior service and membership service credited to a member's service account.

Examples of Credited Service in a sentence

  • If he has completed at least twenty-five (25) years of Credited Service and retires after the age of sixty (60) years, no reduction; or Early Retirement Benefit (cont’d ) (c) If he has completed less than twenty-five (25)years of Credited Service, three tenths (3/ 10) of 1 percent for each full month that the date such benefit is to commence precedes his Normal Retirement Date.

  • Credited Service All service as a member plus certain claimed and purchased service.

  • A year of Credited Service equals or more compensated hours during a calendar year.

  • For Northern Utilities Union and Granite State Union, early retirement benefits are available for a participant who has attained the age of fifty-five(55) years and completed ten (10) or more years of Credited Service.

  • Xxxxxx Date of Hire Canada Midland Elevator Your Summary Plan Description Plan for Hourly Wage Employees THE KEY TO YOUR FINANCIAL SECURITY Effective March Appendix SUMMARY OF THE PENSION PLAN FOR HOURLY EMPLOYEES -CANADA- Appendix No. Midland, Ontario (Midland Elevator) HIGHLIGHTS Membership: Benefit Level: Credited Service: Monthly Pension Formula: Vested Pension Normal Retirement: Early Retirement: Forms of Pension Payment: You become a member after one year of service.

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Credited Service means the period of service used to determine the eligibility for and the amount of benefits payable to a member. Credited service shall consist of the period during which the member participated in the System or the predecessor municipal systems as an active employee in an eligible membership classification, plus any service prior to the establishment of the predecessor municipal systems which was credited under the predecessor municipal systems; provided however, "credited service" for members from a fire protection district shall not begin accruing before July 1, 1982;
Credited Service means credited service transferred to the
Credited Service means a calendar year in which the Participant is paid for at least 1,000 hours of service (as defined in the frozen Hasbro Pension Plan) as an employee of the Company or of a Subsidiary of the Company. A Participant does not need to be, or have been, a participant in the Hasbro Pension Plan.
Credited Service means the performance of Service on a substantially full time basis for a continuous twelve-month period. For this purpose, substantially full time basis shall mean that the employee or consultant provides regular and recurring services to the Company of at least 32 hours each week. The taking of approved paid time off or legally mandated leave, such as FMLA, does not interrupt this period of Credited Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Committee may treat periods of less than full time employment, in whole or in part, as Credited Service in its sole discretion.
Credited Service means the sum of participating service, prior service and elected service;
Credited Service means service for which credit is allowable as provided in Section 9‑8‑50.
Credited Service means, subject to section 38-739, the number of