Wastewater Facilities Sample Clauses

Wastewater Facilities. No new capital improvements will be required to provide waste water services to the area.
Wastewater Facilities. An additional lift station (“Lift Station No. 2”), force main facility (“Force Main”) and Above-Ground One-day Peak Flow Storage Tank (“Storage Tank”) will be designed to accommodate up to, but not exceeding, 500 ESFCs. The Lift Station No. 2, the Force Main and the Storage Tank shall be included in the definition of Wastewater Facilities as defined in the Agreement.
Wastewater Facilities. Assessment Tenant shall calculate an annual Wastewater Facilities Assessment in the same manner as that dictated for Water Facilities under Subsection 13.10, except that the basis for determining Landlord’s proportionate share of such costs shall be the amount of water Landlord discharges to Tenant as sewage as compared with the amount of water Tenant treats at the wastewater treatment plant. Landlord shall pay the Wastewater Facilities Assessment on the first day of each month. Any Wastewater Facilities Assessment not received by Tenant when due will result in a delinquency charge equal to six percent (6%) of the delinquent amount, compounded monthly.
Wastewater Facilities. Upon Landlord’s request, Tenant agrees to accommodate, within a practicable period of time, Landlord’s wastewater treatment needs for the Remaining Property by providing to Landlord for the remaining term of this Lease Wastewater Facilities capacity and is willing to treat and discharge Landlord’s wastewater at a cost equal to Tenant’s cost as set forth in Subsection 13.15.
Wastewater Facilities. 1) As development commences in these areas, sanitary sewer mains as defined by the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) Number 20764, as issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) will be extended in accordance with the provisions of the City’s codes, ordinances, regulations and policies. City participation in the costs of these extensions shall be in accordance with applicable City codes, ordinances, regulations and policies. Capacity and extensions shall be provided consistent with the characteristics of topography, land utilization, and population density of the areas. If the annexed area is in the CCN of another provider, wastewater service shall be provided in accordance with the policies of the CCN holder. In some instances, the City might acquire the CCN rights and become the new wastewater provider, in time.
Wastewater Facilities 

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  • Underground Facilities All underground pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or other such facilities or attachments, and any encasements containing such facilities, including without limitation those that convey electricity, gases, steam, liquid petroleum products, telephone or other communications, cable television, water, wastewater, storm water, other liquids or chemicals, or traffic or other control systems.

  • Interconnection Facilities 4.1.1 The Interconnection Customer shall pay for the cost of the Interconnection Facilities itemized in Attachment 2 of this Agreement. The NYISO, in consultation with the Connecting Transmission Owner, shall provide a best estimate cost, including overheads, for the purchase and construction of its Interconnection Facilities and provide a detailed itemization of such costs. Costs associated with Interconnection Facilities may be shared with other entities that may benefit from such facilities by agreement of the Interconnection Customer, such other entities, the NYISO, and the Connecting Transmission Owner.

  • Other Facilities Promptly and in no event more than ten (10) days after the effectiveness thereof, copies of (i) any documents, agreements or instruments evidencing indebtedness for borrowed money of any DT Entity and (ii) any amendment, restatement, supplement or other modification any documents, agreements or instruments evidencing indebtedness for borrowed money of any DT Entity, including, without limitation, any fee letter, waiver, consent and any other document, agreement or instrument executed in connection with any of the foregoing.

  • Generating Facility 4.1 Ownership The Generating Facility shall be owned by Seller.

  • Verizon OSS Facilities Any gateways, interfaces, databases, facilities, equipment, software, or systems, used by Verizon to provide Verizon OSS Services to Z-Tel.

  • Parking Facilities Alamo Colleges District shall make the existing parking facilities at the rented Facility available for the vehicular traffic and parking necessitated by the Organization’s Use of the rented Facility, on a non-exclusive basis, as specified at Exhibit A. MAXIMUM CAPACITY. Organization anticipates approximately the number of participants stated at Exhibit A and agrees to inform Alamo Colleges District of any significant changes five (5) business days in advance of a Use. Organization shall not admit a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about the Facility. Alamo Colleges District shall notify Organization of the recommended capacity of the Facility and all decisions of Alamo Colleges District concerning questions arising under this Paragraph shall be final.

  • Common Facilities Common Facilities shall mean the non-assigned parking areas; lobby; elevator(s); fire stairs; public hallways; public lavatories; all other general Building facilities that service all Building tenants; air conditioning rooms; fan rooms; janitors' closets; electrical closets; telephone closets; elevator shafts and machine rooms; flues; stacks; pipe shafts and vertical ducts with their enclosing walls. Lessor may at any time close temporarily any Common Facilities to make repairs or changes therein or to effect construction, repairs or changes within the Building, or to discourage non-tenant parking, and may do such other acts in and to the Common Facilities as in its judgement may be desirable to improve the convenience thereof, but shall always in connection therewith, endeavor to minimize any inconvenience to Lessee.

  • Facilities Keep all properties useful or necessary to Borrower's business in good repair and condition, and from time to time make necessary repairs, renewals and replacements thereto so that such properties shall be fully and efficiently preserved and maintained.

  • Working Facilities During the Term of Employment, the Company shall furnish the Executive with an office, secretarial help and such other facilities and services suitable to his position and adequate for the performance of his duties hereunder.

  • TEACHER FACILITIES A. Each school shall have the following facilities: