Wastewater Treatment Sample Clauses

Wastewater Treatment. DISCHARGE
Wastewater Treatment. DISCHARGE ------------------------------
Wastewater Treatment. If Lessee does not already have all waste water, including seafood processing waste water, and sewage connected to municipal or acceptable private sanitary sewer facilities and collection systems, upon notification by City or its representatives to Lessee of the availability of sanitary sewer facilities and collection systems to the above premises, Lessee agrees that it will at Lessee’s expense connect all of Lessee’s waste water and sewage including any seafood processing waste water into such sanitary sewer facilities and collection system. Lessee agree to complete such connection within ninety (90) days following such notification and will pay for treatment of such waste water and sewage according to the ordinance of the City of Aransas Pass.
Wastewater Treatment. The foul drainage from this development is in the catchment of Great Bromley Water Recycling Centre that will have available capacity for these flows
Wastewater Treatment. During the Reporting Period, the gross profit of the Group for wastewater treatment operating services amounted to RMB117.8 million, increased by 38.4% from RMB85.1 million for the same period of 2021. The corresponding gross profit margin increased from 39.7% for the six months ended 30 June 2021 to 44.6% during the Reporting Period. The increase was mainly due to the increase in the sewage treatment volume and the economies of scale being fully utilised.
Wastewater Treatment. Raytheon agrees that, without the proper consent of Buyer (which consent shall be granted at Buyer's discretion), it will not accept or treat pollutants, including wastewater or groundwater, from any property other than the Mountain View Facility except for pollutants from other properties the treatment of which is (i) within the existing capacity of the treatment facilities of the Mountain View Facility and footprint, and (ii) which are either (A) currently being transported for treatment to the Mountain View Facility via existing pipeline, or (B) contemplated to be transported for treatment to the Mountain View Facility from the properties located at 365 and 415 East Middlefield Road along a pipeline routing proposed by Raytheon, provided, however, that, Raytheon shall indemnify and hold harmless Buyer Indemnified Parties for Covered Liabilities suffered, incurred by or asserted, directly or indirectly, against Buyer Indemnified Parties by reason or arising out of such
Wastewater Treatment. The gray water generated in the campus is treated in the campus through a small phytoremediation treatment followed by sand filtration which is further used for gardening purpose.
Wastewater Treatment. The Pittsfield WWTF provides a secondary level of treatment via a facultative lagoon system operated in series. Two main interceptor sewer pipes carry wastewater from the collection system to the treatment facility. The West Branch of the Sebasticook River flows through the center of downtown Pittsfield and sewage is conveyed across the river from the east side of Town via the east interceptor. The east interceptor pipe conveys flows through a grit collection chamber located on Hunniwell Avenue. The west interceptor pipe carries flows from the west side of town, and the two interceptors converge to a single 30-inch diameter sewer line on McCarthy Road, which continues to the treatment lagoons. The system does not provide for grit removal from the west interceptor. The facility reported that twice annually (once in the spring and once in the fall) a few cubic yards of heavy settled sludge are removed from the grit chamber and hauled to the influent structure at the head end of the first treatment lagoon for biological treatment. The influent flow is measured using a Parshall flume located in the inlet measuring chamber, and is conveyed through an influent gate located at the head end of the lagoon system. The two facultative lagoons each occupy approximately 35 acres of land area and have a combined total capacity of approximately 144,000,000 gallons at an average depth of five (5) feet. The lagoon system provides a total retention time of approximately 180 days during normal weather conditions. Treated wastewater is conveyed through a weir gate installed on the west end of the second lagoon to a Parshall flume located in the adjacent treatment facility building. Influent and effluent flows are recorded using an ultrasonic flow meter. The treatment plant was designed with a gas chlorination system and a contact chamber with a designed contact time of approximately 30 minutes. However, the facility has been able to achieve compliance with the applicable bacteria limits established in previous permits without the need to chlorinate the effluent. The treated effluent is conveyed for discharge to a palustrine scrub-shrub wetland via a 30-inch diameter reinforced concrete outfall pipe identified as Outfall #001A. The wetland serves as a conveyance to the Sebasticook River. The lagoon system was designed with the intent that each lagoon cell would be drained once every ten to twenty years, on average, for sludge removal. The Town of Pittsfield reported that durin...
Wastewater Treatment. The MSD wastewater treatment facility is designed to treat 20-year projected average daily flows of up to 90,000 GPD. The wastewater treatment and disposal system consists of a facultative biological treatment lagoon, a treated effluent storage lagoon, and a combined summer/winter land application system for the disposal of treated effluent, located on a parcel of land to the northeast of the former activated sludge treatment facility. The biological treatment process consists of one facultative treatment lagoon and one large storage lagoon. Wastewater entering the MSD facility first enters the treatment lagoon for secondary biological treatment of wastewater. The treatment lagoon has a surface area of approximately 3.5 acres and a working volume of 5.0 million gallons. The treatment lagoon is 6 feet deep, is designed for 3 feet of freeboard, and is constructed with an earthen liner consisting of 24 inches of thick glacial till.At the projected average daily flow rate of 90,000 GPD, the treatment lagoon system provides for an average detention time of 60 days. Treated effluent is then discharged to the approximately 4.5 acre, 14.5-million gallon storage lagoon. The storage lagoon is 10 feet deep, is designed for 4-feet of freeboard, and is lined with a 60-mil high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner over a sand blanket of 12 inches. The storage lagoon provides for a maximum detention time of 120 days until the treated wastewater can either be land applied through spray irrigation from April through November or through “snowmaking” and storage from November through March. Ground water beneath both lagoons is controlled via an underdrain system that daylights approximately 1,000 feet to the southeast of the snow storage area via a 6-inch diameter PVC pipe. The lagoon underdrain is regulated as Outfall #UD-1 and is monitored for evidence of liner leakage.
Wastewater Treatment. Fully describe any and all pretreatment utilized (show treatment system location in relation to process flows on schematic drawing required by Question 3.D)