Wastewater treatment plant definition

Wastewater treatment plant means a facility designed and constructed to receive, treat, or store waterborne or liquid wastes.
Wastewater treatment plant means any arrangement of devices and structures used for treating sewage.
Wastewater treatment plant or "treatment plant" means that portion of the POTW which is designed to provide treatment of municipal sewage and industrial waste.

Examples of Wastewater treatment plant in a sentence

Wastewater for the City is treated at the City’s Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater treatment electricity consumption was based on actual electricity metered for the Wastewater Treatment Plant from December 2018 to December 2019.

The City staff recommended that the City Council approve Change Order No. 4 to the construction contract for the Wilbarger Creek Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Improvements project with Excel Construction Services, LLC in the amount of$321,490.00 At the direction of City Manager Bolt, City Engineer Phelan discussed the change order to the construction contract for the Wilbarger Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Carried.The City of Austin received bids for construction of a new force main from the Southwest Lift Station to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on April 29.

The final WWTP that discharges into the Santa Ana River is the Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WRCRWTP), which provides tertiary treatment for residents in western Riverside county and has a current design capacity that allows for the treatment of 8 mgd with a maximum design capacity of 32 mgd.

More Definitions of Wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater treatment plant means the facility or group of units used for the treatment of wastewater from public sewer systems and for the reduction and handling of solids removed from such wastes.
Wastewater treatment plant means a facility used to treat any liquid or waterborne waste of domestic origin or a combination of domestic, commercial or industrial origin, and which by its design requires the presence of an operator for its operation. It shall not include any facility used exclusively by a single family residence, septic tanks with subsoil absorption, industrial wastewater treatment plants, or wastewater collection systems.
Wastewater treatment plant means a facility used to
Wastewater treatment plant means any of the following:
Wastewater treatment plant means a process, device, or structure used to treat or stabilize wastewater or industrial waste and dispose of the effluent.
Wastewater treatment plant means the central facility of wastewater treatment facilities which contains all treatment processes exclusive of the collection system;
Wastewater treatment plant means any facility owned by the City and used for receiving and treating wastewater.