Other Consideration definition

Other Consideration means cash and/or any securities (other than New Shares) or assets (whether of the entity or person (other than the Share Issuer) involved in the Merger Event or a third party).
Other Consideration has the meaning set forth in Section 6(a) hereof.
Other Consideration means cash, securities (other than New Securities) or other property (whether of the Issuer or a third party).

Examples of Other Consideration in a sentence

  • Source and Amount of Funds or Other Consideration Not applicable.

  • Other: Consideration and selection will be based on a panel evaluation of the Evaluation Factors (Section V).

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Equity Definitions, the occurrence of a Merger Event (effective on the Merger Date) or a Tender Offer (effective on the Tender Offer Date) in respect of which any Other Consideration received for the Shares does not consist of cash.

  • Source and Amount of Funds or Other Consideration The information in Item 4 is incorporated herein by reference.

  • We find that Korea's claim that the USDOC acted inconsistently with Article 6.4 because it failed to post the communications in question to the record in a timely fashion, and failed to disclose these communications as essential facts pursuant to Article 6.9 falls outside our terms of reference because it is not set out in Korea's panel request.333 We will therefore make no findings in this regard.

More Definitions of Other Consideration

Other Consideration means cash and/or any securities (other than New Shares) or assets (whether of the offeror or a third party).
Other Consideration means the Fundamental Transaction Consideration other than Cash Consideration or Equity Consideration that a holder of Ordinary Shares receives or is entitled to receive in a Fundamental Transaction with respect to or in exchange for each Ordinary Share held by such holder immediately prior to the consummation of the Fundamental Transaction.
Other Consideration has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1(b)(viii).
Other Consideration means any revenues or other consideration, excluding Gross Sales, received by the Licensee from any Sublicensee, from any transaction, disposition or other dealing involving all or part of the Patent Rights or Licensed Products, Licensed Processes or Licensed Services, and where such revenues or other consideration may include, but are not limited to license signing or other fees, milestone or bonus payments, consideration for equity, etc. Other Consideration also excludes monies and grants the Licensee receives from third parties to specifically conduct research and development (R&D) activities to advance the Technology and to which the Licensee can demonstrate were directly expended for this reason. Where any Other Consideration or revenues from an Affiliate or Sublicensee are derived from a country other than Canada it shall be converted to the equivalent in Canadian dollars on the date the Licensee is deemed to have received such Other Consideration or revenues pursuant to the terms hereof at the rate of exchange set by the Bank of Montreal for buying such currency. The amount of Canadian dollars pursuant to such conversion shall be included in Other Consideration.
Other Consideration means, when used with reference to the Acquisition Costs of any Existing Business or New Business, any consideration paid for the purchase or other acquisition thereof excluding: (i) NHTC Common Stock and (ii) any promissory notes issued by, or indebtedness assumed by, NHTC or any subsidiary thereof (including the Company or ).
Other Consideration means any and all consideration of any kind (e.g., cash or in-kind consideration) received by Company from Sublicensees, their Designees or their Affiliates as full or partial consideration for the grant of any sublicense (or any option or any right to negotiate for a sublicense) under Section 2b of this Agreement, including, without limitation, licensing fees, lump sums, development based or non-development based milestone payments, debt and/or equity securities or instruments purchased or obtained at a premium above fair market value, but excluding (i) any consideration received for royalties on Net Sales of Products by Sublicensee (for clarity, royalties on Net Sales of Products by Sublicensees will be subject to the pass through royalty set forth in Section 4(c)(i)), (ii) investments in Tonix equity to the extent such equity is purchased for fair market value; (iii) funds that are paid for direct research and development expenses on Products incurred by Tonix after the actual date of execution of the sublicense agreement and required to be incurred by Tonix under the sublicense; (iv) debt incurred by Tonix on arm’s length terms; (v) fees payable to Tonix in connection with bona-fide services provided by Tonix to a Sublicensee, Designee or an Affiliate at fair market value and (v) reimbursement of out-of-pocket patent prosecution or maintenance expenses for the Patents. With respect to securities received by Tonix that would be considered “Other Consideration,” the value of such securities will be set at the value of such securities on the date of the receipt by Tonix of the subject securities and Tonix has the option to pay Columbia in cash or transfer the value in the form of shares the securities.
Other Consideration. Section 6(a) "Principal Office" Section 5 "Purchase Price" Section 7(b) "Redemption Price" Section 23 "Right Certificate" Section 3(a) "Rights" Recitals "Rights Agent" Preamble; Section 21 "Substitution Period" Section 11(a)(iii) "Summary of Rights" Section 3(b) "Trading Day" Section 11(d)