Storm Drainage Sample Clauses

Storm Drainage. (a) There is no existing storm drainage service for this lot.
Storm Drainage. Storm water run off flows to the existing surface water drainage features. The plant will use ditches, collection piping or open channel for storm drainage. Surface runoff will be directed to a retention pond. Collected water from the retention pond will be returned to the cooling tower basin via a return pump. Emergency surface runoff will exit the pond through an overflow spillway and be directed to the Pennsy Quarry pond. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Storm Drainage. (a) Certain storm water Utility Facilities are located on the Mill Real Property and the Carbon Plant Real Property as described on Exhibit C (“Storm Drainage Facilities”) and are used in transporting storm water through such property to the Mill’s wastewater treatment plant. The partiesrespective ownership of the Storm Drainage Facilities is described on Exhibit C.
Storm Drainage. All storm water flowing from the Property drains either into a public system or onto a permitted location and through easements for the benefit of the Property.
Storm Drainage. 2.2.1 Storm water runoff from the roof will be directed to roof sumps which will then carry runoff for discharge through interior roof conductors.
Storm Drainage. Developer agrees to provide for storm drainage and storm water diversion through and within the Subdivision to City specifications, and according to submitted plans as approved by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.
Storm Drainage. All drainage improvements shall comply with the provisions set forth in Section
Storm Drainage. Provide a system of drains and piping to convey the storm water from the building to a point of disposal on the site.
Storm Drainage. Storm water drainage is accomplished by the grade of the roads and an open ditch system on the north, south, and west sides of the Community. All water is then discharged into a major storm water canal located west of the Community. The cost of providing storm drainage is included in the base rent.
Storm Drainage. The parties shall cooperate together to develop a storm sewer plan for the Land. Ballard currently anticipates a storm sewer plan as follows: - Ballard will install storm sewer pipelines and drains. - Storm water will be piped to detention basins located in the existing gully south of the Land. - The detention pond will release water into nearby ravines. - The University will grant to Ballard a storm drainage easement to allow for release and runoff of storm water onto University property.