Telephone Facilities Sample Clauses

Telephone Facilities. Where commercial telephone facilities are not available, employees will be allowed reasonable use of the Employer's facilities; in which case no telephone allowances will be paid.
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Telephone Facilities. The contractor will have to make his own arrangement at his own cost for a telephone connection at work site if required.
Telephone Facilities. Telephone facilities shall be made available to teachers.
Telephone Facilities. Telephone facilities shall be made available to employees for their reasonable use.
Telephone Facilities. Standard unwired telephone outlets (ring and string) mounted on partitions. Tenant must make timely arrangements for telephone installation and is responsible for all charges related to such installation.
Telephone Facilities. Telephone facilities will be available to teachers for their reasonable use. Teachers are expected to use discretion in the use of telephone facilities.
Telephone Facilities. Employees in the bargaining unit may avail themselves of the Employer’s telephone facilities for their reasonable use. All personal toll calls shall be at the employee's personal expense.
Telephone Facilities. Telephone facilities shall be made available for drivers for local calls and for reasonable use.
Telephone Facilities. A telephone shall be made available for professional use in all Board-owned buildings and units. Such phone shall be placed in a location conducive to private conversation. Employees working in the home community and home-bound programs, or other employees whose duties require them to spend more than 50% of their time providing services to students in their homes and are required to use their personal mobile device as a part of assigned duties will receive a $240 annual reimbursement.
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