UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. Section 1. The City shall provide and replace sufficient uniforms for uniformed employees where uniforms are required.
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UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. Section 1 The County shall provide uniforms for those employees whose job assignments require them to be in uniform. The employees shall wear the uniform when on duty and shall maintain a suitable appearance at all times.
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. 168. The SFMTA shall provide uniforms as specified below for the workers in the listed classifications: 8214 Parking Control Officer 8216 Senior Parking Control Officer 9102 Transit Car Cleaner 9104 Transit Car Cleaner Assistant Supervisor 9110 Fare Collections Receiver 9116 Senior Fare Collections Receiver 9126 Traffic Checkers 9128 Senior Traffic Checkers 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx Railway 169. The SFMTA shall meet and confer with the Union regarding the style and color of new uniforms provided under this section. Uniform Specifications 170. Specifications for uniforms subject to this Agreement including prescribed items, optional items, rain gear, shall be issued by the appointing officer, after consultation with the Union and the Purchaser but such specifications must not be so narrowly drawn as to prevent or unreasonably prohibit competitive bidding. Termination or Change of Employment; Return of Uniforms 171. Upon termination of employment or upon change to a position which does not require wearing of uniforms, each employee having in his possession uniform items owned or leased by SFMTA must deliver such items, in good condition, reasonable wear and tear expected. Replacement of Uniforms 172. Replacements for uniforms shall be acquired by purchase or lease by the SFMTA and furnished to the members as indicated in this Agreement as the items wear out. Not more than one uniform shall be acquired by the SFMTA in any twelve month period for the use of one employee enumerated herein, provided however, that any employee entitled to a uniform allowance under this Agreement shall be furnished two replacement shirts or blouses in any twelve month period or a full or partial replacement of the uniform when the department determines that the uniform has been damaged in the course of the employee's duties for the SFMTA . Uniforms for Parking Control Officers 173. New employees in Classes 8214 Parking Control Officer and 8216 Senior Parking Control Officer, when needed as determined by the Appointing Officer or designee, shall be furnished uniforms as follows: one (1) jacket, five (5) shirts, three (3) pairs of pants, one (1) belt, one (1) pair of shoes, one (1) tie, one (1) sweater and one (1) set of rain gear (jacket, pants and rain boots).
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. Section 1. The City shall supply safety glasses to employees who are required to wear safety glasses in the performance of their duties. Safety glasses must be industrial grade safety glasses which meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI Specification Z87.1. All employees who are required to wear safety glasses shall be required to wear side xxxxxxx, either permanent or snap-on, whenever an eye hazard exists. Solid tinted glasses will not be approved unless required by prescription. Transition lenses may be considered for those employees who primarily work outdoors.
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. Section 26.1. The Employer shall supply at no cost to the employee all uniforms and equipment required by the Employer, excluding socks and underwear, in quantities specified by the Employer. When in uniform, employees may wear either a xxxxxx or tie. The Employer shall furnish leather goods to all employees. Employees shall have leather goods replaced by the Employer on an as needed basis as determined by the Employer.
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. 28.1 Each CCSNH institution retains the right to establish standards for uniform wear. Uniforms are attire required and selected by the CCSNH institution to be worn in the performance of assigned duties. Uniform clothing as defined in this section shall be administered in accordance with CCSNH policies and procedures.
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. 21.01 Uniforms and equipment, excluding weapons and shoes, will be provided by the City at a level necessary to carry out their duties and responsibilities.
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UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. During the life of this Agreement, the State will not increase the cost to employees for uniforms and equipment.
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. A. The Employer agrees to provide required uniforms and equipment for employees in the bargaining unit. The uniforms provided shall furnish warmth, protection, and comfort to the employee.
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. Employees, in the performance of their secondary employment, are permitted to carry and utilize the following issued county, or otherwise authorized equipment:
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