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Travel Agency. 3. CRS Provider:.............................................................. 4.
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Travel Agency a) The normal daily hours of work shall be seven (7) hours, exclusive of a one
Travel Agency registered on BiletBank system, the credit cards used in all transactions made over BiletBank, that the extract view of which are sent as an example and stated in Annex 5; belonging to me and the company alone as the agency and the first and last four digits are written; are not in the list of fake, lost, stolen cards or cards in demand; that they are used within the knowledge of the card owner, and in case that there is a cancellation of payment for any reason, and/or there is a demand for refund, that I am responsible and that this loss will be registered to my current account as debt and when it is demanded, I have consent that it shall be immediately and in cash, paid with all accessory debts unquestioningly, and/or to be collected from the available amount in my current account without a need for any warnings, notices or term establishment, and in addition that I bear the legal and penal responsibility for the use of this card. Card 1 First 4 Digits Card 1 Last 4 Digits Card Type VISA MASTER Card 1Bank Name Date of Ex. Card Owner Card 2 First 4 Digits Card 2 Last 4 Digits Card Type VISA MASTER Card 2 Bank Name Date of Ex. Card Owner Card 3 First 4 Digits Card 3 Last 4 Digits Card Type VISA MASTER Card 3 Bank Name Date of Ex. Card Owner Card 4 First 4 Digits Card 4 Last 4 Digits Card Type VISA MASTER Card 4 Bank Name Date of Ex. Card Owner Date Date Date Date Card Owner 1 Card Owner 2 Card Owner 3 Card Owner 4 Signature Seal ANNEX 3.1 Account Statement View of the E-CORPORATION Credit Card/s The Account Statement view given above should be belonging to the “Last” period extract of the declared credit cards to be used in BiletBank system by the E-CORPORATION, by entering in the Annexes 1, 3 and 4. Date
Travel Agency. This Travel Agency that has achieved technical compliance and has provided the second lowest price. The Secondary Travel Agency shall be used in the following circumstances:
Travel Agency. A nurse employed as an interim replacement or for temporary work 27 on a predetermined basis whose employment does not extend beyond twelve (12) 28 cumulative months per eighteen (18) month period. 29 30 • Travel/Agency RNs who work beyond twelve (12) cumulative months per 31 eighteen (18) month period providing direct patient care duties in the Hospital 32 will be required to accept a staff position and will be held to the membership

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  • Training and Education SECTION 1 – Law Enforcement Supervisors’ Training The state and the PBA recognize the importance of supervisor training programs to develop management skills in our law enforcement supervisors. The state will make a reasonable effort to continue existing training programs in law enforcement techniques and to develop new programs in performance review techniques, supervisory skills, and managerial techniques.

  • Personnel Policies The School shall adopt, update, and adhere to personnel policies. These policies must be made readily accessible from the School’s website or school office, as described in Section 11.4.1. If the policy is not available from the School’s website, the School shall submit the current policy to the Commission.

  • Program Management 1.1.01 Implement and operate an Immunization Program as a Responsible Entity

  • Risk Management Policy The Administrative Agent and the Lenders shall have received a copy of the Risk Management Policy, including position and other limits, which shall be satisfactory in content and form to the Administrative Agent.

  • Guidelines The Office of State Procurement adheres to all guidelines set forth by the State and Federal Government concerning The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as all mandated fire codes.

  • Travel and Entertainment Expenses Reasonable, bona-fide Company-related entertainment and travel expenses incurred by Executive in accordance with the Employee Handbook, Code of Ethical Conduct, Financial Code of Conduct and other written policies, all as issued by the Company, relating thereto shall be reimbursed or paid by the Company; and,

  • Customer Relations A. Actively promote DCP Holding Company in all Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, and Community activity.

  • Program Managers See Section 14.1.

  • Change Management BellSouth provides a collaborative process for change management of the electronic interfaces through the Change Control Process (CCP). Guidelines for this process are set forth in the CCP document as amended from time to time during this Agreement. The CCP document may be accessed via the Internet at xxxx://

  • Hosting At CLEC’s request, SBC-SWBT and SBC-AMERITECH shall perform hosting responsibilities for the provision of billable message data and/or access usage data received from CLEC for distribution to the appropriate billing and/or processing location or for delivery to CLEC of such data via SBC-SWBT’s and SBC-AMERITECH’s internal network or the nationwide CMDS network pursuant to the applicable Appendix HOST, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

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