Account Statement definition

Account Statement in relation to any Account, means the statement of account issued by us in respect of the Account.
Account Statement means a periodic statement of the transactions credited or debited to an Account;
Account Statement means a periodic statement of the Transactions and/ or charges credited or debited to an Account at a specific point in time and which will be available to the Client on the Trading Platform;

Examples of Account Statement in a sentence

  • A CIP will enable the user to view the Account Statement on the Aditya Birla Sun Life website ( and other services mentioned herein aer.

  • The Unit holders are given an Option to hold the units by way of an Account Statement (Physical form) or in Dematerialized (‘Demat’) form.Mode of holding shall be clearly specified in the KIM cum application form.

  • By accepting these Terms, the Client agrees not to receive any Account Statement or Account Summary in printed forms from the Bank other than upon specific request and subject to the payment of the relevant fees.

  • Please note there is a $2 .7 0 convenience feethat is charged with credit card payments.The Account Statement will be available instantly on your home page when you finish this application.

  • An Account Summary and Account Statement are available to the Client through the Trading Platform.

More Definitions of Account Statement

Account Statement means statement of transaction in Units in the folio of the Unit Holder.
Account Statement means statement of transactions in Units in the folio of the Holder.
Account Statement means subsequent information sent to the Client in relation to any Order executed in the Client’s Payment account based on the Framework Agreement, or any Order executed without using any Payment account if the Client has no Payment account maintained with the Bank.