Guidelines definition

Guidelines means the Instructions to Authors available on the Xxxxxxx Science website, as well as the Aims & Scope applicable to the relevant Xxxxxxx Science publication). Xxxxxxx Science’s nominated service provider, Xxxxxxx Science, offers English language support services which Assignor may elect to utilise in respect of the Work by completing the applicable box in Schedule 1: Details of the Work. The provision of such services by Xxxxxxx Science shall be subject to Xxxxxxx 2 [v.122016] Science’s prevailing terms and rates relating to such type of optional support.
Guidelines means those standards adopted to implement the policy of this chapter for regulation of use of the shorelines of the state prior to adoption of master programs. Such standards shall also provide criteria to local governments and the department in developing master programs;
Guidelines means, together, guideline S-02.123 in relation to interbank loans of 22 September 1986 (Merkblatt “Verrechnungssteuer auf Zinsen von Bankguthaben, xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx sind (lnterbankguthaben)” vom 22. September 1986), guideline S-02.122.1 in relation to bonds of April 1999 (Merkblatt “Obligationen” vom April 1999), guideline S-02.130.1 in relation to money market instruments and book claims of April 1999 (Merkblatt vom April 1999 betreffend Geldmarktpapiere und Buchforderungen inländischer Schuldner), guideline S-02.128 in relation to syndicated credit facilities of January 2000 (Merkblatt “Steuerliche Behandlung von Konsortialdarlehen, Schuldscheindarlehen, Wechseln und Unterbeteiligungen” vom Januar 2000), circular letter No. 34 of 26 July 2011 (1-034-V-2011) in relation to deposits (Kreisschreiben Nr. 34 “Kundenguthaben” vom 26. Juli 2011) and the circular letter No. 15 of 7 February 2007 (1-015-DVS-2007) in relation to bonds and derivative financial instruments as subject matter of taxation of Swiss federal income tax, Swiss withholding tax and Swiss stamp taxes (Kreisschreiben Nr. 15 “Obligationen und derivative Finanzinstrumente als Gegenstand der direkten Bundessteuer, der Verrechnungssteuer und der Stempelabgaben” vom 7. Februar 2007), in each case as issued, amended or replaced from time to time, by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration or as substituted or superseded and overruled by any law, statute, ordinance, court decision, regulation or the like as in force from time to time;

Examples of Guidelines in a sentence

  • Registry Operator shall publish and keep updated its IDN Tables and IDN Registration Rules in the IANA Repository of IDN Practices as specified in the ICANN IDN Guidelines.

  • Registry Operator shall comply with the ICANN IDN Guidelines at <xxxx://­‐guidelines.htm>, as they may be amended, modified, or superseded from time to time.

  • With respect to each contract not governed by paragraph 2 of this Part, the procedures set forth in paragraph 4 of Appendix 1 to the Guidelines shall apply.

  • With respect to each contract not governed by paragraph 2 of this Part, the procedures set forth in paragraph 4 of Appendix 1 to the Consultant Guidelines shall apply.

  • The capitalized terms used below in this Section to describe particular procurement methods or methods of review by the Association of particular contracts, refer to the corresponding method described in the Procurement Guidelines, or Consultant Guidelines, as the case may be.

More Definitions of Guidelines

Guidelines means the “Guidelines for Implementation of Feeder Level Solarisation under Component-C of PM-KUSUM Scheme” issued by the Ministry of new and Renewable Energy vide OM 32/645/2017 –SPV dated 04/12/2020.
Guidelines means the “Guidelines for Tariff Based Competitive Bidding Process for Procurement of Power from Grid Connected Solar PV Power Projects” issued by the Ministry of Power vide Resolution dated 03.08.2017 including subsequent amendments and clarifications thereof.
Guidelines means the Instructions for Authors available on the Xxxxxxx Open website, as well as the Aims & Scope applicable to the relevant Xxxxxxx Open publication.) In the space provided in Schedule 1: Details of the Work, the Corresponding Author shall disclose whether or not the Work reports experiments involving humans or animals, and further represents and warrants that his/her responses to the related questions are accurate.
Guidelines means State Board of Health Guidelines on Individual Sewage Disposal Systems, 5 CCR 1003-6 – predecessor of Regulation 43, On-site Wastewater Treatment System Regulation, 5 CCR 1002-43.
Guidelines means the applicable guidelines for application for grants from the Grantor and includes all instructions to applicants (if any) and all application forms which are in use from time to time;
Guidelines means the ECOLOGY's Funding Guidelines that that correlate to the State Fiscal Year in which the project is funded.
Guidelines means the guidelines that are approved by the Committee for the administration of the Awards granted under the Plan. To the extent that there is any inconsistency between the Guidelines and the Plan, the Guidelines will control.