Current Account Sample Clauses

Current Account. 4.1. The Client may hold one or more multicurrency accounts with the Bank.
Current Account. Each Party shall authorise, in a freely convertible currency and in accordance with the Articles of Agreement of the Inter­ national Monetary Fund (IMF), as applicable, all payments and transfers on the current account of the balance-of- payments between the Parties.
Current Account. (a) Definition: It is an interest - free call deposit account (Qard Hassan), that is governed by the rules applied to loans with respect to guarantee to repay an equal amount on demand. it does not participate in investment profit nor bear risks.
Current Account. The Administrative Agent shall deposit into the Current Account (i) Additional Borrowing Amounts pursuant to Section 4.2(b)(ii) and (ii) amounts on deposit in the Revenue Account as specified in Section 8.12(a).
Current Account. (a) Prior to the Conversion Date, the Additional Borrowing Amounts shall be deposited into the Current Account. The Administrative Agent shall pay, from and to the extent of cash available in the Current Account and as set forth in a certificate of the Company delivered to the Administrative Agent, to the Company for the benefit of the Persons entitled thereto, amounts requested by the Company for the payment of Project Costs.
Current Account. A banking entry opened by the Bank based on its Client request in which all credit and debit balances of the Client are entered. The Bank disposes of the amounts deposited in that account for its favor (i:e the Bank’s favor) in accordance with the regulating rules and the Bank commits to return to the Client upon its request the amounts deposited in that account. 02 Definitions üLaiµaïll özjlqll üljLiallq üLaISIl ¿qSi -µzÍ xxxx gLinll pïäi @l La – äiäLaï"l xxx ua :Laia $⁄ @LaÎ äzaqall uiLaall oLizÎ :¤µaall 1.2 .2Lai½l ¤µaa :Jiaall 2.2 mI2 älL⁄qlLi ai2 qiäqïll @ï xX xxXxX qäq uzll nLnzll u2La uaiibll pznll qa @ï xX xxXxX lqaäq ¿izll ¿iiaiibll pLzn½l ¿a nLnzll nLzaÎ qÎ gäiäLaï"l xxx .™µïnall nLnzll älL2 ua äiäLaï"l xxx mI2 älL⁄qlLi @ai2 qiäqïll :qiäqïlLi pqaall/Ji⁄qll 3.2 qÎ nLnzll 9ïai älqza äas $iä¸ ¿a ¿iaall qÎ $iaall $iä¸ ¿a pqaall pznll qa .™lz $Si qÎ üLaljïll uiïµïq gqä2 2Lni!q $iaall ¿2 äiLii aia ¤µaïlLi :ujLcll nLnzll 4.2 uïll qlLiall qias ziä aia @ïi gaIia2 uIb mI2 2Lii ¤µaall azïai uaµaa ziä qa aïzIaal qlLia ¿a nLnzll ™lz ua 3zqi Lai ¤µaall ¤µaïiq gaiI2 qÎ $iaaIl ¿qSï ä2zqall qlLiall zµi aaljïll qa g™lzl äaªiall z2lqäIl Läaq g(¤µaall äzIaal uÎ) .uIbll zi2 $iaaIl nLnzll ™lz ua
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Current Account. 18.1 The credit balance in the Islamic Current Account is deposited by the Customer as a Qard Hassan (interest – free loan) to the Bank, on which no profit or other form of return is payable. The Bank guarantees to pay any amounts outstanding in the Islamic Current Account in full, subject to the Customer’s compliance with these Terms and Conditions. The Bank may invest all amounts outstanding in the Islamic Current Account in such manner as the Bank, in its absolute discretion, deems fit and no returns or financial benefits of whatsoever nature (including profit) are given on the Islamic Current Account. The Islamic Current Account shall be subject to the minimum balance requirements prescribed by the Bank from time to time and advised to the Customer.
Current Account a. The Customer confirms that the Customer has not been reported by any bank to the credit bureau set up by Bank Negara Malaysia, and acknowledges that the Bank has the right to close the account if the Customer is so reported and the Bank in good faith believes it negatively impacts the Customer’s credit rating.
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