Trade Shows Sample Clauses

Trade Shows. Distributor shall use its reasonable commercial efforts to attend major national and regional (i.e. regions in or encompassing the Territory) trade shows and educational forums where similar or competitive products are displayed and to present the Products fairly at such shows and workshops.
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Trade Shows. OSI and BISYS shall provide each other with advance notice of their scheduled participation or intent to participate in a trade show so that the parties may jointly participate if so desired.
Trade Shows. The Licensee shall display the Licensed Products at a separate booth space at all tradeshows attended by the Licensee to promote Products. The design of such booth shall be developed in consultation with CKI’s visual design personnel, as provided in § 1.6.4.
Trade Shows. NovaCare agrees to promote the Products by independently participating in at least five (5) appropriate shows in the Territory during each year of this Agreement. All travel and other expenses of NovaCare or its employees or Representatives related to these shows will be paid by NovaCare and/or the Representatives.
Trade Shows. Without limiting the generality of any other provision of this Agreement, Distributor shall pay for the design of trade shows in Japan. Seller shall make available to Distributor booth designs (but not physical materials) for use at such trade shows and shall make available certain of Seller's staff equivalent to a maximum of ten man-days per year for supporting Japanese trade shows.
Trade Shows. Upon prior written authorization from Velovita, Members may display Company prod- ucts and opportunity at trade shows. Request for participation in trade shows must be received in writing by Xxxxxxxx at least two (2) weeks prior to the show. Written autho- rization from Velovita must be received before participating in such events. Company products and opportunity are the only products and opportunity that may be offered in the trade show booth. Only Company approved marketing materials may be displayed or distributed.
Trade Shows. For trade shows and congresses pertinent to the Field in the Territory, MTI shall assist Abbott, subject to mutual written agreement of the parties, with the promotion of the Products. Such assistance may include sharing of costs, provision of personnel and materials as well as joint exhibits.
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Trade Shows. The parties confirm that the arrangements and practices with respect to trade shows attended by Manufacturer that are currently in effect under the Prior Agreement shall continue under this Agreement, namely that Distributor agrees to provide delivery of Products to Trade Shows in the areas in which Distributor is distributing hereunder at no charge, provided that Manufacturer provides the Products and necessary freezers for such shows.
Trade Shows. If either party wishes to display an R2 ------------ Product at a trade show, the party shall provide advance written notice at least sixty (60) days prior to the trade show to the other party of its intention to show the R2 Product at a trade show. Forty-five (45) days prior to the trade show, the party intending to display the R2 Product at the trade show must provide the other party with copies of the written materials which are intended for use at the trade show for approval by the other party, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The responding party shall provide comments on the written materials at least thirty (30) days prior to the trade show and both parties shall use commercially reasonable efforts to agree upon any changes to the written materials at least thirty (30) days prior to the trade show. Notwithstanding the foregoing, once written materials have been approved by both parties for use at a trade show, the approved written materials may be used at subsequent trade shows without submitting the written materials for re-approval.
Trade Shows. Licensee may not participate in trade shows without the prior written consent of Licensor.
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