Booth space definition

Booth space means that part of a licensed salon that is operated independently by an individual licensed under this chapter.
Booth space means that part of a licensed salon operated independently by an

Examples of Booth space in a sentence

  • Booth space must be planned to allow an adequate viewing area so aisle traffic is not obstructed.

  • Booth space cannot be assigned or leased by any organization other than CITY management.

  • Booth space includes a 10' x 10' white tent, two 8' tables with disposable cloths, trash can with liners, booth identification sign, listing on the events brochure.

  • Any Virtual Exhibitor failing to occupy space contracted for in a timely manner is not relieved of the obligation of paying the full rental price for such space, and SHOW MANAGEMENT’s management staff has the right to use such space as it sees fit to eliminate blank space in the virtual exhibit, if such Virtual Booth space is not occupied by the Virtual Exhibitor 1 hour prior to the start of the exhibit.• Early Move-out.

  • Late arrival to Virtual Exhibitor’s Virtual Booth space will not be permitted without prior written permission from Show Management.• Default Occupancy.

  • Booth space use and display must not create any hazard or safety risk.

  • Electrical: Booth space rental fee INCLUDES one (1) 20 amp 110-volt electrical circuit.

  • Cancellations of Booth space will not be transferrable or credited to the next year.

  • Booth space will not be reserved unless the total booth fees and/or the deposit is paid in advance.

  • Booth space must be kept clean and entire booth space must be free of any debris at end of the event.

More Definitions of Booth space

Booth space means the area of a salon in which a licensed cosmetologist or a holder of a limited license provides to a client a service for which a license is required under this act.

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