Owner Sample Clauses

Owner. The term "Owner" shall mean the person in whose name a Receipt is registered on the books of the Depositary maintained for such purpose.
Owner. The most current title holder of record as determined by a study of the Real Property Records.
Owner. The person(s) who has (have) all rights under this Contract. The Owner as of the Contract Date is named on page 3. Please see "
Owner. There shall not be more than two (2) Employers in any store or group of stores having common ownership. In partnerships, "Employer" as used in this Paragraph means only bona fide partners who own an interest in the assets, and in the profits of, the partnership. In corporations, "Employer" as used in this Paragraph means only two (2) officers of the corporation who own capital stock of the corporation. No more than two (2) shareholders of a corporation, or more than two (2) bona fide partners, shall be deemed or classified as an Employer within the meaning of this Agreement. Employers as thus defined may do such work as is necessary in the conduct of the business.
Owner. Unless otherwise provided for in the Agreement, the owner will secure and pay for necessary easements, exceptions from zoning requirements, or other actions which must precede the approval of a permit for this project. If owner fails to do so then the contract is void. If the contractor fails to correct defective work or persistently fails to carry out the work in accordance with the agreement or general provisions, the owner may order the contractor in writing to stop such work, or a part of the work, until the cause for the order has been eliminated.