Instructions for use Sample Clauses

Instructions for use. 5.1 Whilst present in the Parking Facility, the Car Park User must act in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, further rules imposed pursuant to this Act, the Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations and corresponding appendices, as well as further rules imposed pursuant to the aforesaid Regulations.
Instructions for use. 5.1. The User accesses and uses the Parking Facility at the User’s own risk. The User must take caution at all times, especially with regard to the Parking Facility’s height outside of the driving lanes.
Instructions for use. In all use of the trademark NASHA, QMS shall clearly indicate that NASHA is a trademark owned by Q-Med and in using the trademark follow the below instructions. • NASHA may only be used in direct conjunction with Deflux and Solesta. • In the use of NASHA, in conjunction with Deflux and Solesta, NASHA shall always have a clear function as the trademark for the technology and/or the gel that is manufactured using the technology, on which Deflux and Solesta are based. • NASHA may not be used separately or out of context. • Never indicate or imply that NASHA is an acronym or abbreviation of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, or that it “means” stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid. If NASHA needs to be “explained”, write: “NASHA™ is a patented technology for the production of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid” or equivalent. Always write: “stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid” and not “non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid”, in order to avoid the use of NASHA™ as an acronym/abbreviation. • Always write NASHA in uppercase letters. • NASHA with the affixed ® symbol may be used in countries where NASHA has been registered as a trademark. In all other countries, the ™ symbol shall be used, including countries where a trademark application is pending. Use ™ also for material intended for international use, if such use includes both countries in which NASHA is registered and countries where it is not. For status on trademark applications and registrations as of the [DATE], please see Exhibit [INSERT] to the [License Agreement]. • The first time NASHA is used on every page of a document or website, use either ™ or ® to alert the reader that NASHA is a trademark, like this: “NASHA™” or “NASHA®”. • All use of the NASHA trademark shall be accompanied by the wording “NASHATM/® , is a trademark licensed to QMS Therapeutics, Inc. by Q-Med AB (publ)”, somewhere in the same document.
Instructions for use. Include any or all of the additional provisions on fencing, signage, and security as desired at the end of the MSA Section 8 as new clause(s) and update lettering accordingly.
Instructions for use. 1. Remove the Light Fiber and xxxxx from the protective packaging.
Instructions for use. The parties shall comply with all instructions for use of Products, including but not limited to instructions for storage, handling, and transportation of Products, and the parties shall require their agents and sub-distributors to comply with all such instructions for use. Distributor shall also inform its direct customers of the instructions for use of Products. The parties shall maintain records of their efforts to comply with all instructions for use of Products, including but not limited to records of temperature and environmental conditions at its Product storage facilities. 
Instructions for use. The instructions for use is also commonly as the physician‘s manual, user manual, operator‘s manual, prescriber‘s manual or reference manual. It contains directions under which the physician or end-user can use a medical device safely and for its intended purpose. This should include information on indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse effects, alternative therapy and the conditions that should be managed during normal use to maintain the safety and effectiveness of the medical device.
Instructions for use. 1. The Buyer of Products must follow the regulations and instructions of Ventisit.
Instructions for use. 1. Whenever and wherever Licensee uses the Block Logo or the Xxxxx-Danfoss Logo for Licensed Goods or Licensed Services, it shall apply the Block Logo or the Xxxxx-Danfoss Logo to the Licensed Goods and to the Licensed Services as well as to any labels, containers, packings, pamphlets, advertisements and the like relating to Licensed Goods or Licensed Services in compliance with II.1 and II.2.