Instructions for Use Sample Clauses

Instructions for Use. 11.1. For seats fitted with adjustable head restraints, the manufacturers shall provide instructions on how to operate, adjust, lock and, where applicable, remove the head restraints.
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Instructions for Use. 5.1 Whilst present in the Parking Facility, the Car Park User must act in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, further rules imposed pursuant to this Act, the Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations and corresponding appendices, as well as further rules imposed pursuant to the aforesaid Regulations.
Instructions for Use. 7.1 The Supplier shall provide to the Authority express written instructions for use relating to the Equipment and detailed instructional manuals (where available) for the intended purpose stated by the Supplier, including any information and documents required by Law and Guidance. The instruction manuals (where available) shall accompany the Equipment and shall be in the English language and contain appropriate directions as to the operation of the Equipment (to include, without limitation and where appropriate, in relation to any sterilisation, reprocessing and decontamination processes or protocols to be followed in relation to the Equipment). The Supplier shall also provide any necessary training relating to the use of the Equipment.
Instructions for Use. 5.1. The User accesses and uses the Parking Facility at the User’s own risk. The User must take caution at all times, especially with regard to the Parking Facility’s height outside of the driving lanes.
Instructions for Use. Rub the surfaces for with BACTINYL LINGETTES DESINFECTANTES PARFUMEES. Respect the action time, after the passage of the wipe, according to the efficiency desired. Let dry. Do not rinse except in case of contact with surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs. Close the box after use for the impregnation rate is optimum to the last wipe. Do not replace disinfection by soaking. Complies with the decree of 19/12/13 amending the decree of 08/09/1999 concerning products for cleaning materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE IMPREGNATING LIQUID Appearance : liquid Colour : colourless Perfume : pine Density : = 1 pH : low base ORAPI® 225 allée des Cèdres Parc Industriel de la Plaine de l’Ain ‐ 01150 SAINT VULBAS ‐ FRANCE Tél. : +00 (0)0 00 00 00 00 – Fax : +00 (0)0 00 00 00 21 10‐2017 Expiration : 2 years Stockage : MICROBIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF THE IMPREGNATING LIQUID Bactericidal : EN 13727 (dirtiness conditions – 5 min – 20°C), EN 14561 (dirtiness conditions – 5 min – 20°C), EN 16615 (dirtiness conditions – 2 min +/‐ 15 sec – 20°C) Yeasticidal : EN 13624 (dirtiness conditions – 5 min – 20°C), EN 14562 (dirtiness conditions – 15 min – 20°C), EN 16615 (dirtiness conditions – 2 min +/‐ 15 sec – 20°C) Sporicidal : EN 13704 (cleanliness conditions – 60 min – 20°C) Virucidal : EN 14476 on PRV*, BVDV*, H1N1, Herpès, Vaccinia virus, Rotavirus (dirtiness conditions – 5 min – 20°C), Norovirus (dirtiness conditions – 15 min – 20°C) * Swine Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) and Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) are surrogate of HBV and HCV.
Instructions for Use. In all use of the trademark NASHA, QMS shall clearly indicate that NASHA is a trademark owned by Q-Med and in using the trademark follow the below instructions. • NASHA may only be used in direct conjunction with Deflux and Solesta. • In the use of NASHA, in conjunction with Deflux and Solesta, NASHA shall always have a clear function as the trademark for the technology and/or the gel that is manufactured using the technology, on which Deflux and Solesta are based. • NASHA may not be used separately or out of context. • Never indicate or imply that NASHA is an acronym or abbreviation of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, or that it “means” stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid. If NASHA needs to be “explained”, write: “NASHA™ is a patented technology for the production of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid” or equivalent. Always write: “stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid” and not “non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid”, in order to avoid the use of NASHA™ as an acronym/abbreviation. • Always write NASHA in uppercase letters. • NASHA with the affixed ® symbol may be used in countries where NASHA has been registered as a trademark. In all other countries, the ™ symbol shall be used, including countries where a trademark application is pending. Use ™ also for material intended for international use, if such use includes both countries in which NASHA is registered and countries where it is not. For status on trademark applications and registrations as of the [DATE], please see Exhibit [INSERT] to the [License Agreement]. • The first time NASHA is used on every page of a document or website, use either ™ or ® to alert the reader that NASHA is a trademark, like this: “NASHA™” or “NASHA®”. • All use of the NASHA trademark shall be accompanied by the wording “NASHATM/® , is a trademark licensed to QMS Therapeutics, Inc. by Q-Med AB (publ)”, somewhere in the same document.
Instructions for Use. Execute the SylinkReplacer.bat and follow the onscreen instructions. Please note that the DOS window should not be closed during any course of action while the tool is running. The first prompt will be as shown below. You may select “Run SylinkReplacer” to run the tool in verbose mode (prompting for each action).
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Instructions for Use. The equipments shall be delivered with the instructions for use in French, the technical documentation, full drawings and diagrams.
Instructions for Use. (To be reproduced, as much as possible, on the reverse of the form)
Instructions for Use. The distributor is obligated to provide the end user (the dentist) with “Paltop Instruction for Use” doc. No. 11-50026 with each shipment. When preparing the shipment to the customer, the distributor must verify that one sheet of “instructions for use” in available in with each package. Paltop will provide the distributor with “instructions for use” sheets free of charge upon demand.
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