Monthly salary definition

Monthly salary means the W-2 reportable compensation received by a member during the month.
Monthly salary means the gross amount paid to a participant making a claim under s. 40.65, at the time he or she becomes disabled within the meaning of s. 40.65 (4), by the employer in whose employ the injury occurred or the disease was contracted. Overtime pay may not be considered part of an employee’s monthly salary unless the employee received it on a regular and dependable basis.
Monthly salary means the current fixed monthly salary in cash. For part-time employees, the salary shall be adjusted to correspond to a full-time salary.

Examples of Monthly salary in a sentence

  • The Executive acknowledges that the set amount of the Monthly Salary (as defined hereunder) agreed upon reflects the requirements of the position to work additional and irregular hours.

  • Monthly Salary: 67,500 NIS Amount of vacation Days per Year: 23 Maximum Amount of Accrued Vacation: 23 Sick Leave Days per Year: Per Applicable Law.

More Definitions of Monthly salary

Monthly salary means the monthly salary and special pay and shift differential, or the monthly equivalent for hourly employees. Monthly salary does not include overtime pay, callback pay, standby pay or performance bonuses.
Monthly salary means the monthly salary of the position held by the judge.
Monthly salary means annual salary divided by twelve (12);
Monthly salary means the portion of a member’s annual compensation which is paid to him or her per month.
Monthly salary is defined in section 4(a). ------------
Monthly salary means the monthly salary of the position held
Monthly salary means the monthly rate of pay so identified and set forth in this agreement.