Accuracy or Completeness Sample Clauses

Accuracy or Completeness. An e-Xxxx may or may not have all the same information as the paper version, depending on the Payee. Chase presents the e-Bills as provided by the Payee. Chase is not responsible for any information or communications related to them, or for the acts or omissions of any Payee.
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Accuracy or Completeness. Agency does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information, including medical information, so provided through Foreign Representatives, and Agency cannot independently verify such information. Agency itself does not guarantee the physical, mental, or psychological good health of the Referred Child nor the future development nor appearance of the Referred Child. Agency will make no representation concerning such matters, and Family will not rely upon any such representation, if believed to be made, in Family’s decision-making concerning the adoption of any Referred Child.

Related to Accuracy or Completeness

  • Completeness The Work contained all of the attributes and elements required by this Agreement; and

  • Accuracy If the data importer becomes aware that the personal data it has received is inaccurate, or has become outdated, it shall inform the data exporter without undue delay. In this case, the data importer shall cooperate with the data exporter to erase or rectify the data.

  • Accuracy of Data (A) The Contractor shall ensure that the data received from Providers is accurate and complete by:

  • Accuracy of Representations All of Buyer's representations and warranties in this Agreement (considered collectively), and each of these representations and warranties (considered individually), must have been accurate in all material respects as of the date of this Agreement and must be accurate in all material respects as of the Closing Date as if made on the Closing Date.

  • Accuracy of Exhibits There are no contracts or documents which are required to be described in the Registration Statement, the General Disclosure Package or the Prospectus or to be filed as exhibits to the Registration Statement which have not been so described and filed as required.

  • Representation No employee or group of employees shall undertake to represent the Union at meetings with the Employer without the proper authorization of the Union. To implement this, the Union shall supply the Employer with the names of its officers and similarly, the Employer shall supply the Union with a list of its supervisory or other personnel with whom the Union may be required to transact business.

  • Accuracy of the Company’s Representations and Warranties Each of the representations and warranties of the Company in this Agreement and the other Transaction Documents that are qualified by materiality or by reference to any Material Adverse Effect shall be true and correct in all respects, and all other representations and warranties shall be true and correct in all material respects, as of the date when made and as of the Closing Date as though made at that time, except for representations and warranties that are expressly made as of a particular date, which shall be true and correct in all respects as of such date.

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