Telecommunications service provider definition

Telecommunications service provider means that term as defined in Section 219a of the Michigan Penal Code, supra, as may be amended from time to time. As of January 2012, "Telecommunications Service Provider" is defined to mean any of the following:
Telecommunications service provider means any of the following:
Telecommunications service provider means a provider of telecommunications service as that term is defined in 47 United States Code, Section 153(53).[PL 2017, c. 199, §1 (NEW).]

Examples of Telecommunications service provider in a sentence

  • Telecommunications service provider has responsibility for the acceptance, transmission & delivery of the messages.Definition for service engineering: It can be defined as the set of methods, techniques tools to specify, design, implement, verify & validate service that meet user needs & deploy & exploit their services over the current or future networks.

  • Telecommunications service provider that provides the interface to the public switched network—this service provider develops internal operating procedures and practices to ensure that TSP-designated services are given priority restoration and installation.

  • Telecommunications service provider (TSP) stakeholders elect two TSP Directors.

  • CONCENTRATIONS AND RISKS a) Telecommunications service provider The Group relied on telecommunications service providers and their affiliates for servers and bandwidth services to support its operations for the six months ended June 30, 2022 and 2023 was as follows: b) Foreign currency exchange rate risk The functional currency and the reporting currency of the Company are U.S. dollars and RMB, respectively.

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Telecommunications service provider means a person that:
Telecommunications service provider or “provider” means any
Telecommunications service provider. ("TSP") means all authorized providers of local exchange service, whether an incumbent LEC or a competitive LEC.
Telecommunications service provider means a competing local provider, or any other person providing local exchange service by means of voice-over-Internet protocol, wireless, power line, satellite, or other nontraditional means, whether or not regulated by the Commission, but the term shall not include local exchange companies or telephone membership corporations.
Telecommunications service provider means the same as that term is defined in Section 59-12-102.
Telecommunications service provider means a provider of telecommunications services within the meaning of the Telecommunications Act.
Telecommunications service provider means any public service corporation or public service