Xxxx Atlantic definition

Xxxx Atlantic s Tariffs" and "Xxxx Atlantic Tariff" mean and include:
Xxxx Atlantic means Xxxx Atlantic Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
Xxxx Atlantic means Xxxx Atlantic - Pennsylvania, Inc.

Examples of Xxxx Atlantic in a sentence

  • Verizon West Virginia Inc., f/k/a Xxxx Atlantic – West Virginia, Inc.

  • All persons furnished by Xxxx Atlantic shall be considered solely Xxxx Atlantic’s employees or agents, and Xxxx Atlantic shall be responsible for compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations relating to such persons including, but not limited to, hours of labor, working conditions, workers’ compensation, payment of wages, benefits, unemployment, social security and other payroll taxes.

  • Verizon New England Inc., d/b/a Verizon Vermont, f/k/a New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, d/b/a Xxxx Atlantic – Vermont ACC National Telecom Corp.

  • Verizon Washington, DC Inc., f/k/a Xxxx Atlantic - Washington, D.C., Inc.

  • FOR CONNECTICUT Verizon New York Inc., d/b/a Verizon New York, f/k/a New York Telephone Company, d/b/a Xxxx Atlantic – New York ACC Long Distance of Connecticut Corp.

More Definitions of Xxxx Atlantic

Xxxx Atlantic means Xxxx Atlantic Corporation and its Affiliates and their successors and permitted assigns.
Xxxx Atlantic. Xxxx Atlantic Mobile," "BAM," "Cellco," "Cellular One" and all other names under which BAM, any Transferring Partnership, or any of their respective Affiliates conducts business;
Xxxx Atlantic shall promptly consider and analyze ACI's submission of a Bona Fide Request that Xxxx Atlantic provide: (a) a method of Interconnection or access to a Network Element not otherwise provided under this Agreement at the time of such Bona Fide Request; (b) a method of Interconnection or access to a Network Element that is different in quality to that which Xxxx Atlantic provides to itself, its Affiliates, or its subscribers at the time of such request; (c) Collocation at a location other than a Xxxx Atlantic Central Office; and (d) such other arrangement, service, or Network Element for which a Bona Fide Request is required under this Agreement. Items (a) through (d) above may be referred to individually as a "BFR Item." The Bona Fide Request process set forth herein does not apply to those services requested pursuant to Report & Order and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 91-141 (rel. October 19, 1992), Paragraph 259 and Footnote 603 or subsequent orders.
Xxxx Atlantic means Xxxx Atlantic Corporation.
Xxxx Atlantic means Mellon Bank, N.A., as trustee for the Xxxx Atlantic Master Trust.
Xxxx Atlantic shall include any successor entity acting on behalf of The Xxxx Atlantic Master Trust. Neither Xxxx Atlantic nor any subsequent Holder shall transfer any Senior Preferred Stock unless the transferee (other than a transferee in a Public Sale) agrees to be bound by the provisions of Section 5 of this Agreement, this Section 9.1 and Section 5 of the Debentures (to the extent applicable), and each certificate of Senior Preferred Stock shall contain a legend to such effect.
Xxxx Atlantic means Supreme Mid-Atlantic Corporation, a Texas corporation.