Development Approvals Sample Clauses

Development Approvals. As defined in Section 3.1.4.
Development Approvals. Developer shall have the right to develop the Property with up to 1,358 multifamily residential units and 75,610 square feet of commercial land uses (including 3,450 square feet of existing commercial land use). Residential units may be multifamily apartments or residential condominiums and may include affordable and market rate housing. Commercial land uses may include office, professional office, medical office, retail, entertainment, restaurant uses, and other uses as authorized by the SMC but may not include storage facilities. Detailed development plans will be approved through the site development permit and other approval processes provided for in the SMC, as applicable. Any additional development on the Property beyond 1,358 multifamily residential units and 75,610 square feet of commercial land uses shall require an amendment to this Agreement as described in Section 33 (Amendment of Agreement) or shall be developed outside this Agreement and be consistent with the City’s then-applicable regulations. Additional commercial square footage and office uses may be approved as a minor amendment to this Agreement provided that the aggregate commercial and office uses fall within the scope of the Planned Action Ordinance.
Development Approvals. Development Manager shall assist Owner, the General Contractor, the Project Architect and the Project Engineers with any governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the Project and shall process and obtain all governmental and third party approvals required in connection with the Project, including all approvals, permits, and authorizations necessary for development, construction, use or occupancy of the Project, the subdivision of the land, construction, use and occupancy of the Project, establishment of communities facilities districts, establishment of a property owner’s association and related documentation, and all necessary public improvement agreements, easements, dedications or other similar agreements required in connection with the Project (collectively, the “Development Approvals”).
Development Approvals. One University shall consult and coordinate with the FCRHA regarding all submissions to be made in connection with efforts to obtain all required government approvals for the Scope. Further, One University shall submit its proposed application for each such approval to the FCRHA for its review and approval, subject to an agreed-upon milestone schedule. The FCRHA’s approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned, or delayed. FCRHA will respond within ten (10) business days to all such requests for approval, and failure to respond within such time period will be deemed an approval by FCRHA.
Development Approvals. No alterations shall be made to the Property prior to the submittal and approval in writing by Seller of Purchaser's site plans, architectural elevations and landscape plans. All such plans and elevations shall be submitted within 120 days of the Effective Date and shall provide Seller with the information Seller deems necessary in Seller's reasonable judgment to review such plans. Purchaser has the right to extend the submittal period for an additional sixty (60) days if necessary. All final landscape plans may be submitted after site development has started. All plan submittals shall follow the process outlined in Exhibit "C" attached. If Purchaser elects not to submit any or all of the required plans and elevations within the 120 day period, Seller has the right but not the obligation to provide Purchaser with written notice that this Agreement is null and void and retain Purchaser's Earnest Money as liquidated damages and neither party shall have any further obligation to the other.
Development Approvals. Development Approvals" means the Final Site Plan and all site specific plans, maps, permits and other entitlements to use of every kind and nature contemplated by the Final Site Plan which are approved or granted by CITY in connection with development of the Property, including, but not limited to: site plans, tentative and final subdivision maps, vesting tentative maps, variances, conditional use permits and grading, building and other similar permits. To the extent any of such site specific plans, maps, permits and other entitlements to use are amended from time to time, "Development Approvals" shall include, if OWNER and CITY agree in writing, such matters as so amended. If this Development Agreement is required by law to be amended in order for "Development Approvals" to include any such amendments, "Development Approvals" shall not include such amendments unless and until this Development Agreement is so amended.
Development Approvals. Provided that the Participant is not then in default of its obligations under any other Participant Agreement executed by the Participant (or by any successor corporation, subsidiary, or parent corporation) (the “Related Agreements”), the District agrees to issue a letter to the public entity having jurisdiction over the approval of proposed development within the Property, to be submitted prior to the first public hearing on such development, stating that the Participant has bound itself under this Agreement to fund a portion of the capacity required by the proposed development. Such letter shall remain on file with the public entity in connection with any continuation of the public hearing with respect to the development for which it was filed, subject to modification or withdrawal in the event the Participant subsequently defaults in its obligations to pay Capital Facility Fees hereunder for any Residential Units under any Related Agreements. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties agree and acknowledge that the payment of Capital Facility Fees represents mitigation of only a portion of the expected capital needs generated by new growth within the boundaries of the District, and that the ability of the District to deliver additional capital facilities on a timely basis is affected by other factors not exclusively within the control of the District, including but not limited to its ability to generate revenues from future bond issues, or to pass future bond elections. Accordingly, nothing shall prohibit the District from participating in the referral process relating to development on the Property of the Participant for the purpose of communicating to the approving Public Entity factual information regarding the impacts of the proposed development, including matters relating to the present and future capacity of school facilities to accommodate new student demand from the proposed development in light of the then-current financial capabilities of the District, the expected timing of construction of new facilities, or other constraints on the District’s ability to deliver required capacity on a timely basis. Additionally, nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to preclude the District from advocating or participating in any means by which the financing of capital facilities of the District may be advanced, or to otherwise constrain the exercise of its discretion to determine the manner in which educational services are to be delivered.
Development Approvals. Buyer shall have the right to pursue the Initial Development Approvals (as defined in Subsection 1.14 and as set forth on Exhibit “D-1”) and Phase Development Approvals (as defined in Subsection 1.21 and as set forth on Exhibit “D-2”) (sometimes collectively referred to as the “Development Approvals”) at any time after the Effective Date, but in accordance with any specific application deadlines set forth on Exhibits “D-1” or “D- 2”. MVCRA and County shall cooperate reasonably with Buyer in connection with the Development Approvals at no cost to MVCRA and County. MVCRA and County agree to sign off on applications and other documents as may be required from time to time.
Development Approvals. Developer will apply for all development approvals that are required by the State of Florida, Broward County, City and any other applicable governmental authority, including but not limited to those specific approvals more particularly set forth on Exhibit "N", attached hereto and made a part hereof. Developer and City agree that the failure of this Agreement to address a particular permit, condition, term or restriction shall not relieve Developer of the necessity of complying with the law governing said permitting requirements, conditions, terms or restrictions.