Order Cancellation Sample Clauses

Order Cancellation. Order cancellation/enroute. If the order is cancelled after the resource order has been confirmed, and the resource is enroute, the resource is considered mobilized. Payment will be made by the host agency in accordance with Payment Provisions. CLAUSE 9: ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS
Order Cancellation. Only the authorized representative of the School Nutrition Program may cancel a purchase order that has already been placed by the School Nutrition Program. If, for any reason, all products ordered cannot be delivered by the Contractor in the required delivery week, the Contractor shall notify the District’s School Nutrition Program, giving name of school and product/quantities not delivered. The cancellation of a line item or purchase order by the Contractor could result in the contractor being declared in default.
Order Cancellation. Once an Order has been accepted, the Client may only cancel all or part of the Order under an agreement reached with the Contractor on the conditions for such total or partial cancellation. On cancellation or revocation of an Order by the Client, the Client shall compensate the Contractor for any damages caused to the Contractor, including as a minimum consequential damages and loss of profit at a rate of 30 % of the price of the cancelled or revoked Order(s).
Order Cancellation. Non-market Orders may be cancelled via the FOREX.com Canada Online Trading System. Rapid changes in Bid Prices and Ask Prices, however, may cause Customer’s Order to be executed before Customer can cancel it and FOREX.com Canada shall have no liability for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses, including attorneysfees, arising directly or indirectly out of the failure of such Order to be cancelled. Customer may contact FOREX.com Canada by telephone if facing difficultly with order cancellation.
Order Cancellation. Charges for any Service will begin as of the Billing Commencement Date (defined in Section 2(f) above). If you cancel before such date, you may be obligated to pay termination fees and expenses. If you cancel an order for Voice Service prior to scheduled initiation, we are not responsible for any consequences, which may include inability to make telephone calls using your home phone and loss of the use of the assigned telephone number. Except as expressly provided under Section 2(o) below, your obligation to pay for a Service continues without reduction even if the Service is unavailable or its quality is degraded because of any act or omission by you or any third party whom the Company does not control or any other event.
Order Cancellation. 7.1 If, prior to the Ship Date, Company cancels all or any part of an Order, Company shall pay to Nortel a cancellation charge for the Products or each item of Third Party Hardware or Third Party Software that has been canceled in accordance with the schedule set forth in the applicable Product Annex.
Order Cancellation. If any order placed by Customer and accepted by MTS is canceled, Customer must pay reasonable cancellation charges which will include non-recoverable costs and commitments incurred by MTS from time of order placement until the date of written notice of cancellation.
Order Cancellation. You have the right at all times to send an online request through the Depository Online website to cancel all or part of a non-executed pending order that you have placed and which shows the status "open" in your Account, for the part that is open. An order cannot be revoked where the order has been accepted for processing or has been executed. You understand and accept that when we have commenced processing your order or has executed your order the order cannot be cancelled. When the order is being processed this is indicated in your Account in the order overview. Usually, this status does not last longer than approximately ten minutes. Orders that are being processed or have been executed cannot be revoked because we have covered the order in the international markets and thus the price has been committed to or locked in. We will automatically cancel non-executed buying and selling orders when