Standardization Sample Clauses

Standardization. Franchisee will require its employees to wear such uniforms as Franchisor may designate and will comply with such programs of standardization as Franchisor may periodically develop to promote the common business image and to protect the goodwill associated with the Marks and Business System.
Standardization. The Parties undertake to comply with and to use the UN/EDIFACT standards and their subset EANCOM version D01B and higher according to the United Nations Directory for Data Interchange for Commerce (UN/TDI), which standards are specified in CSN No. 977117. The data elements of EDIFACT must be complied with also in case of communication via XML (XML2EDI, B2B). The Parties undertake to use designations of products and identification of business partners with the use of the standards GS1 Czech Republic in accordance with the recommendations of GS1 Global.
Standardization. Leitch and Path 1 each agree to market and promote the products and services sold by the Parties hereunder in a manner designed to encourage the widespread and universal adoption of such products and services as the industry standard.
Standardization. 1. The rights and obligations of the Parties in respect of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment shall be governed by the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade.
Standardization. All training rides conducted under subsection 6.4 shall be conducted in an objective and standardized manner (i.e., in accordance with Company policies, procedures, manuals, and any applicable FAR or FAA-approved or accepted documentation).
Standardization. The Supplier and RJRT will meet on a regular basis to review proposed standardizations and substitutions. RJRT’s Contract Administrator is responsible for coordinating this meeting. *****
Standardization. (a) This Agreement shall be considered as “Standard” for all Testing and Balancing Commissioning agencies.
Standardization. The supply of instrumentation shall ensure standardization for simplified operation and maintenance, and reduce lifecycle management costs. The philosophy of standardization is applicable to primary devices, inline devices, field devices and control devices across the station.