Purchasing Agent Sample Clauses

Purchasing Agent. Member authorizes CNHN to act as Member’s purchasing agent in negotiating and entering into Supplier Agreements.
Purchasing Agent. The City of Petersburg Purchasing Agent, or his designated representative, who shall serve as the City's contracting officer.
Purchasing Agent. The employee of APS authorized to act on behalf of APS in contractual matters. The Purchasing Agent may designate in writing others to act on his behalf, and such designation shall state any limitations on the authority of such designee. No Private Entity shall rely upon and APS shall not be bound by any statement or representation made on behalf of APS by any person not designated by the Purchasing Agent to the Private Entity in writing as authorized to so act on behalf of the Purchasing Agent. It shall be the responsibility of the Private Entity to establish the authority to act regarding any communication or action by any person other than the Purchasing Agent. Use of the term Purchasing Agent in any writing issued by APS related to any Proposed Project or Qualifying Project shall be deemed to include such properly authorized designee within the scope of that designee’s authorization.
Purchasing Agent shall require each Dealer from which a Qualified Contract is purchased to represent and warrant that such Qualified Contract and the sale of the related Financed Vehicle complied, at the time the Contract was originated or made, in all material respects with all requirements of applicable federal, state and local laws, and regulations thereunder, including, without limitation, usury laws, the Federal Truth-In-Lending Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Federal Reserve Board's Regulations B and Z, state adaptations of the National Consumer Act and of the Uniform Consumer Credit code, and other consumer laws and equal credit opportunity and disclosure laws.
Purchasing Agent. The County Administrator is the County’s Purchasing Agent and is responsible for the purchasing activity of Fluvanna County; and has signatory authority to bind the County to all contracts and purchases made lawfully under the Fluvanna County Small Purchasing Procedures. The Purchasing Agent has signatory authority to bind the County to all other contracts and purchases only after the contracts or purchases have been approved by a vote of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors.
Purchasing Agent. Administrator shall evaluate the OLHS Entities’ systems and internal controls and make improvements, where applicable, in order to enhance the OLHS Entities’ internal control systems, improve its operating efficiencies, and reduce the cost of supplies and other items needed for the delivery of quality health care services. To meet these objectives, Administrator may acquire such equipment, supplies, consumable inventory, and other items on behalf of and in the name of the OLHS Entities (collectively, the “Purchases”) as necessary to ensure the OLHS Entities operate consistent with this Agreement. The OLHS Entities hereby designate Administrator as the OLHS Entities’ purchasing agent, and Administrator accepts such designation, for the purpose of making the Purchases and authorizes Administrator to make such Purchases on behalf of and as the agent of the OLH Entities. Purchases by Administrator shall be considered as the legal equivalent of purchases directly by the OLHS Entities. Any items or articles of tangible personal property purchased by Administrator as agent for the OLHS Entities shall immediately, upon the vendor’s delivery to Administrator or an OLHS Entity, become the property of the relevant OLHS Entity, with title passing directly from the vendor to the OLHS
Purchasing Agent. The Buyer: ARTICLE 21 -