Construction area definition

Construction area means the area delineated on the plans and specifications for the public improvement within which the work provided for in the contract will be performed.
Construction area means and include all of that portion or “work zone” or “work site” means an area of a highway while under undergoing construction, maintenance, or utility work activities by order or with the permission of the state State or a municipality thereof, that is designated by and located within properly posted warning signs maintained at each end thereof showing such area to have been designated as a “Construction Area” devices.
Construction area means the area delineated on the 68

Examples of Construction area in a sentence

  • Construction area signs shall be furnished, installed, maintained and removed when no longer required by the County.

  • OHS signage will include, but will not be limited to, Construction area, Hard Hat / Helmet Area; Safety Goggles, Safety Shoes to be worn on site; Dust Masks to be worn in areas where there might be exposure to excessive dust; Ear Plugs / Muffs to be worn where there might be exposure over 85 dBa; Gloves; Safety Goggles; Safety Harness, etc.

  • Construction area signs with rigid substrate must be the product of a commercial sign manufacturer and have Type XI retroreflective sheeting.

  • Ensure a minimum of 75% of the individual IC Construction area meets the target IC-MV values determined from the test sections.Do not continue paving operations if IC Construction areas not meeting the IC criteria are produced until they have been investigated by the Department.

  • Construction area signs shall be provided in accordance with Section 12 of the Standard Specifications.

More Definitions of Construction area

Construction area. (“ardal adeiladu”) means—
Construction area means the area inside each suite plus its share of common areas.
Construction area means the Villa's land area at the contact point with the ground as stated in Appendix 1 of this Contract.
Construction area a parcel of land situated at the Pigeon Hill Wine Cultural Tourism Town in Qingtongxia City, Wuzhong City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the PRC ( 中國寧夏回族自治區吳忠市青銅峽市鴿子山葡萄酒 文化旅遊小鎮) with a total site area of approximately 53,000 square meters;
Construction area shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 7.7(a).
Construction area means that portion of the Common Area, if any, other than a Preservation Area (defined herein), which may include native habitats set aside to fulfill open space requirements, and which is intended to be maintained by the Association without specific management guidelines.
Construction area means the area delineated on the 56