Site Conditions Sample Clauses

Site Conditions. A. Existing Site Conditions: Information with respect to the site of the Work given in drawings or specifications has been obtained by County's representatives and is believed to be reasonably correct, but the County does not warrant either the completeness or accuracy of such information, and it is the responsibility of the Contractor to verify all such information.
Site Conditions. The contractor shall inspect the work site where the work under this contract are to be carried out, and note carefully the area restrictions and obtain for themselves at their own responsibility all the information which may be necessary for the purpose of the successful execution of the contracted work. They must also make themselves conversion with all the local conditions, means of access to the site of work, transport facilities and character of the work, the supply of materials, conditions affecting labour and other matter that may affect their tender. Employer does not undertake any responsibility, to obtain any concessions, permission from the owner of the adjoining plot or from other party in respect of any allowance, access, encroachments etc. whether for the facility of the works or otherwise. No claim therefore will be entertained should be Contractors have failed to comply with this condition. All equipment required to be maintained are to be kept free from damages due to operation connection with the work. The site shall be made available to the Contractors in the present condition. Site organization within this site boundary shall be the responsibility of the Contractors.
Site Conditions. Engineer understands that it is in the interest of the City that the construction of the Project being designed by the Engineer under this Contract shall proceed in a prompt and efficient manner. Engineer will make a reasonable effort to identify and note on its construction documents interferences that will be encountered on the site of the construction by the construction contractor.
Site Conditions. 17 4.2.1 Developer shall bear the risk of any incorrect or incomplete review, 18 examination and investigation by Developer of the Site and surrounding locations (even 19 if Developer conducted a Reasonable Investigation), and of any incorrect or incomplete 20 information resulting from preliminary engineering activities conducted by Developer, 21 ADOT or any other Person.
Site Conditions. 6.4.1 No responsibility or accountability will be held by us for any ground or site conditions, or actions by other parties (including you or your Contractor’s), which may cause delay or variation to this Agreement. Any additional cost incurred as a result of ground or site conditions shall be subject to automatic variations under the Contract and any difference shall be to your account.
Site Conditions. 5.2.1 The Contractor shall thoroughly acquaint himself with all available information concerning the conditions of the Work and is responsible for correctly and fully estimating the difficulty and cost of successfully performing the Work.
Site Conditions. Contractor has inspected and satisfied itself as to all geotechnical and physical conditions at the Site and shall be responsible for all necessary work in relation to, or because of, geotechnical and physical conditions both below and above ground (including archeological, historical, cultural, or religious sites, places and monuments, the presence of endangered species, biological resources, state buffers, waters of the United States, or Pre-Existing Contamination (other than Pre-Existing Contamination that would also constitute an Unforeseeable Site Condition)) at the Site. If Contractor desires to conduct any further investigations, studies, sampling or testing at the Site, any such investigations, studies, sampling, testing and remediation must be approved in advance by Owner (such approval within the sole discretion of Owner), such approval or non-approval to be provided within a reasonable time. No claims by Contractor for termination, additional payment or extensions of time shall be permitted on the ground of any misunderstanding or misapprehension of the matters referred to in this Section 3.20. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in Exhibit D shall affect Contractor’s obligations under this Section 3.20.
Site Conditions. 32.23.1. The Principal acknowledges that the Contractor may suffer cost, loss, expense or damage (losses) if any site condition encountered by the Contractor differs from conditions that the Contractor should reasonably have anticipated at the date of the Contract.