Signals Sample Clauses

Signals. The master of an oil vessel shall, at all times that the vessel is nearing or is at a wharf, display at the foremast head, or other conspicuous place clear of all obstructions so as to be clearly visible from any direction at a distance of at least one mile from the vessel —
Signals. The Company shall at the Customer's marshalling rack and in accordance with the Construction Programme provide the Customer with any signals from the Company's Equipment which the Customer reasonably requires for control and protection purposes and for the operation of the protection relays specified in this Clause 9.
Signals. In addition to and without limiting the generality of the grant of rights contained above, TESC shall have the right and license to receive the Services at the Facility and to digitize, compress or otherwise technologically manipulate the Signals, as received at the Facility, and transmit the technologically modified Signals via the Transmission System to Subscribers in the Territory.
Signals. All the stations, frequencies or programming (whether ------- broadcast television, satellite, radio or otherwise) carried by the System, all as shown in Exhibit 1.20.
Signals. The necessity for the use of an Employee to give signals to Employees covered by this Agreement shall be determined by the Individual Employer. When used, he shall be an Assistant to Engineer, or a Registered Apprentice. (Refer to Section 07.10.00.)
Signals. If a signal system is installed on any portion of the STATE PROJECT that is also within the CITY’S municipal boundaries, that signal system will be subject to the agreement entered into between the parties effective May 17, 2010, and entitled “Maintenance Agreement Between a Local Government Authority and the State of South Dakota for Traffic Signals on State Highway System,” and assigned agreement number 613594 by the STATE.