Offer Letter Sample Clauses

Offer Letter. Copy A copy of the completed Offer Letter shall be provided to the Union within seven (7) calendar days of employment, appointment or any change to the conditions listed at Article 9.09(a).
Offer Letter. This Award is in full satisfaction of the Company’s obligations with respect to the inducement award of stock options set forth in the Offer Letter. If any provisions with respect to the inducement award of stock options set forth in the Offer Letter conflict with the provisions set forth in this Inducement Stock Option Grant Notice and Agreement, the provisions set forth herein shall override such conflicting provisions set forth in the Offer Letter.
Offer Letter. The letter by IPA that makes the First Round Offer, the Second Round Offer, if necessary, or the Final Offer, if necessary, as the case may be.
Offer Letter. “Offer Letter” means the letter agreement between Nuance and Executive dated February 11, 2019.
Offer Letter. The Offer Letter forms a part of this Agreement and the Developer must comply with it in its entirety. – Required Insurances Public liability insurance The public liability insurance must: be in the joint names of SEW and the Developer; covers SEW and the Developer and all subcontractors employed from time to time by the Developer in relation to Works or Services for their respective rights and interests; covers SEW and the Developer for their liabilities to third parties, including the Developer’s liability to SEW or any third party; cover loss of damage to property death of or injury to any person (other than liability which is required by law to be insured under a workers compensation policy of insurance); provide that failure by the Developer to observe and fulfil the terms of the policy will not prejudice the insurance with regard to SEW; provide that the insurer waives all rights, remedies or relief to which it might become entitled by way of subrogation against SEW; be for an amount in respect of any one occurrence not less than $20 million; and be maintained until the expiration of 2 years after the Certificate of Completion is issuedTrust