Insurances Sample Clauses

Insurances. 27.1 Without limiting the liability of the Supplier/Service Provider under this Agreement, the Supplier/Service Provider shall take out insurance in respect of all risks for which it is prudent for the Supplier/Service Provider to insure against, including any liability it may have as a result of its activities under this Agreement for theft, destruction, death or injury to any person and damage to property. The level of insurance will be kept under review by Transnet, on an annual basis, to ensure its adequacy, provided that any variation to the level of such insurance shall be entirely at the discretion of the Supplier/Service Provider.
Insurances. 21.1 The Supplier shall maintain professional indemnity insurance cover of an amount not less than the Financial Limit.
Insurances. All state-sponsored group insurance programs with the exception of Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance, in which the employee is enrolled shall be continued without change in coverage, benefits, or premiums for the duration of the leave of absence, by the employee pre-paying the employee's share of the premiums for the entire period of the leave of absence. LTD coverage will not continue during the leave of absence, but will be automatically reinstated immediately upon termination of the leave of absence. If an employee is enrolled in the LTD insurance program at the time the leave of absence is initiated and becomes eligible for disability benefits under LTD during the leave of absence, and is unable to report to work on the agreed-upon termination date for the leave of absence, the return-to-work date shall become the date established for the disability, with the commencement of sick leave and LTD benefits when the sick leave or waiting period is exhausted, whichever occurs later.
Insurances. 14.1 The Servicer will administer the arrangements for insurance to which the Mortgages Trustee is a party or in which either the Seller or the Mortgages Trustee (on behalf of the Beneficiaries) has an interest and which relate to the Loans and the Mortgages comprised in the Portfolio or the business of the Mortgages Trustee. In particular, but without limitation, the Servicer shall promptly notify the Mortgages Trustee and the Beneficiaries and the Trustee of the existence of any insurance policies to which the Seller is a party or in which it has an interest in addition to those specifically referred to in the definition of "Halifax Insurance Policies" in the Master Definitions and Construction Schedule.
Insurances. The Borrower fails to insure the Vessel in the manner specified in Clause 10.20 or fails to renew the Insurances at least five (5) days prior to the date of expiry thereof and produce prompt confirmation of such renewal to the Agent.
Insurances. 13.1 Effecting such insurances (if any) as the Landlord may properly think fit in respect of the Estate Common Areas the plant, machinery, apparatus and equipment used in connection with the provision of the Estate Services (including without prejudice those referred to in paragraph 3 above) and any other liability of the Landlord to any person in respect of those items or in respect of the provision of the Estate Services.
Insurances. Borrower shall have failed to insure the Vessel in the manner specified in this Agreement or failed to renew the Required Insurance at least 10 Business Days prior to the date of expiry thereof and, if requested by the Facility Agent, produce prompt confirmation of such renewal to the Facility Agent; or