Services of Executive Sample Clauses

Services of Executive. Executive agrees to devote such of his business time as is necessary to the business and affairs of the Company, and to use his best efforts to promote the interests of the Company, and to carry out such duties and perform such services as may be delegated to Executive from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Company. The Company acknowledges and agrees that nothing in this agreement shall prohibit Executive from also serving as an officer and director of any subsidiary of the Company and its affiliates, and nothing in this Agreement shall prohibit Executive from being directly or indirectly engaged in any other business in any capacity with any other corporation, partnership, venture or other entity, as long as such business does not directly conflict with or compete with the Company unless approved by action of the Board of Directors of the Company. It is specifically noted, understood and agreed to by all parties that Executive also holds executive positions with DynaCor Systems Inc., and Global Network Media Inc. (GNM) both of which have business relationships with the Company.
Services of Executive. During the Term of this Agreement (as hereinafter defined), the Executive shall perform the services hereunder (i) for the compensation set forth herein and without additional compensation unless otherwise agreed to between Savoy and the Executive, (ii) in such employment capacity for Savoy or any subsidiary or affiliate thereof to which he may be directed by the Board of Savoy or of any such subsidiary or affiliate, or (iii) as a member of the Board of Savoy or of any subsidiary or affiliate thereof if so elected by the shareholders of Savoy or any such subsidiary or affiliate. In that regard, Savoy intends to appoint the Executive to its Board of Directors and as a director of each of its subsidiaries which is involved in the service operations and which report directly to the Executive. Savoy may also utilize the Executive in any other work or activity in furtherance of the business of Savoy in which his talents may be applied in a manner commensurate with his position, training, knowledge, skills and abilities.
Services of Executive. The Executive shall serve as Executive Vice President of the Company. The Executive will be responsible for business activities delegated to him from time to time, sourcing debt and equity for the Company and its projects, developing and managing projects, developing and acquiring new technologies targets. He will contribute to recruit, select and develop executive team members. The Executive shall render such services as provided in this Section 1.2 to the best of his ability, and use his reasonable best efforts to promote the interests of the Company. The Executive is permitted to pursue other business activities so long as the same do not conflict or compete with the business of the Company or the Executive’s ability to provide the services as provided in this Section 1.2 to the Company and so long as such activities do not significantly interfere with the performance of the Executive’s responsibilities as a service provider to the Company in accordance with this Agreement. The Executive’s obligations hereunder shall run only to the Company and its subsidiaries, and not to the Company’s other affiliates, if any.
Services of Executive. During any period for which Executive is receiving compensation or benefits pursuant to this Agreement or the Employment Agreement from the Company, Anthem, or a Successor, Executive shall be available to provide consulting services reasonably requested by such Company, Anthem, or a Successor. Subject to the obligations under Section 7, this provision shall not be construed to preclude Executive from accepting full-time employment elsewhere.
Services of Executive. Executive shall continue to perform bona fide management, aviation and business development services, and customary duties as Chief Executive Officer of the Company during for the duration of this Agreement. These services provided by Executive for the Consideration herein shall not be in connection with the offer or sale of securities in a capital-raising transaction, shall not be for directly or indirectly promoting or maintaining a market for Company’s securities. Executive and Company agree and acknowledge that this Agreement shall supersede and override all prior understandings between Executive and Company.
Services of Executive. (a) The Company hereby agrees to engage WAMROX during the Engagement Period, as defined in paragraph 3 below, to perform the duties specified in Appendix A attached to this Agreement and made a part hereof, and WAMROX hereby agrees to accept such engagement by the Company, all on and subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.
Services of Executive. WMI and J&L agree to provide to OSI or to the OSI Companies at OSI's request the services (as described below, the "Services") of the Executive to perform and discharge well and faithfully such duties as may be assigned to the Executive from time to time by the Board of Directors of OSI (including, without limitation, the duties of Chief Financial Officer). The Executive shall provide the Services to OSI or to the OSI Companies at OSI's request when and as needed and requested by the Board of Directors of OSI. The Services shall include, without limitation:
Services of Executive. Executive will use his best efforts to (i) promote aggressively the value of the Merger and the other transactions contemplated by the Merger; (ii) assist in the pre-merger and post-merger transition with IMCO’s management and staff; (iii) assist in a smooth transition of customer and industry relationships to IMCO’s successor executive and operational management; and (iv) perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by IMCO from time to time. Executive agrees that at all times during the Term, he will continue to perform his duties as an employee of IMCO and will devote appropriate time and effort to assist the Employer Entities in the integration of their operations, personnel and administrative functions.
Services of Executive. During the Consulting Term, Executive shall consult with the Company at the request of the Company during normal business hours, subject to reasonable advance notice, up to a maximum of five days per calendar month. Matters as to which Executive shall consult shall be specified by the Board, a committee of the Board, or the Chief Executive Officer, and Executive shall report to the Board, a Board committee, or the Chief Executive Officer. Such services shall be performed at the location where Executive was employed immediately prior to the commencement of the Consulting Term, or a location less than 25 miles from such original location, provided that Executive may agree in writing to designation of another location as the "original location" for purposes of this provision. In addition, during the Consulting Term the Company will use its best efforts to cause Executive to be nominated for election or reelection, or appointment or reappointment, as a Director of the Company and to be elected Chairman of the Board at any time Executive is serving as a Director, unless Executive shall have declined to serve or continue to serve as a Director or Chairman of the Board.
Services of Executive. TW agrees that it shall cause Executive to enter into the Employment Agreement and provide his services thereunder in accordance with the terms thereof.