Section 3.7 Sample Clauses

Section 3.7. 31 Video cameras are a tool to assist in providing a safe and secure educational environment for students 32 and staff. Video tape may be used like any other evidence in cases involving safety concerns or 33 employee discipline, but shall not be used to monitor employee performance without prior notice to the 34 employee. Only necessary and appropriate staff will have access to video tapes and it shall be used for 35 legitimate District purposes such as those listed above. No custodians shall access or view video 36 recordings without prior approval of a District administrator. 37 38 39 40 A R T I C L E I V 41 42 RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION 43 44 Section 4.1. 45 The Association has the right and responsibility to represent the interests of all employees in the unit; to 46 present its views to the District on matters of concern, either orally or in writing; to consult or to be 47 consulted with respect to the formulation, development, and implementation of industrial relations matters 1 and practices which are within the authority of the District; and to enter collective negotiations with the 2 object of reaching an agreement applicable to all employees within the unit.
Section 3.7. 20 When an employee receives a written reprimand or warning from a supervisor that is to be placed in 21 her/his personnel file, the employee may request to sign the form, such signature only indicating that 22 she/he is aware of its existence. The District shall attach any written response to the reprimand from the 23 employee and place it in the personnel file.
Section 3.7. 8 Release time for Pasco PSE members requested by the Public School Employees of Washington/SEIU Local 9 1948 State organization may be granted to the employee. All costs associated with the employee’s absence 10 will be reimbursed by PSE of Washington. Request for release time will be handled through the Director of 11 Employee Services or designee. 13 14 15 ARTICLE IV 16 17 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION 18
Section 3.7. 17 Employees shall be permitted to attend the contract ratification meetings held on school District 18 premises before or after working hours.
Section 3.7. 43 Employees, upon request, shall be allowed to inspect their personnel files. Copies, at a cost, shall be 44 permitted. Each employee shall be provided a copy of all material placed in his or her personnel file 45 within five (5) working days of its insertion. Such materials shall be signed and dated by the employee 46 acknowledging the employee has read such material. An employee may attach comments to any 47 material that is part of the personnel file. Upon request from the employee, disciplinary material will 48 be removed from an employee’s file two (2) years after inclusion, provided that no disciplinary 49 material of a like nature has been added during the past year. 4 5 Section 4.1.
Section 3.7. 25 In the event formal investigatory interviews are to be conducted, or in disciplinary actions where 26 formal, written charges are to be given to the employee, the District will give verbal or written notice 27 twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting. This notification will include informing the employee that 28 he/she will have the right to have a representative present at such meetings. 29
Section 3.7. 33 Administrators, Certificated Staff, and Supervisors shall at all times conduct themselves with dignity and 34 respect for employee’s right, duties and privileges. In their relationships with each employee every effort 35 shall be made to avoid words or actions which may be interpreted as ridicule, slander or abuse.
Section 3.7. 1. 19 Paraeducator schedules will be determined by administration. If student needs dictate a change in 20 staffing, administration is responsible for notifying employees regarding the necessary Paraeducator 21 duty/schedule changes. A minimum of forty-eight (48) hours notification is required prior to 22 duty/schedules being changed in these instances unless the employee agrees to an earlier change.
Section 3.7. 27 Each employee's performance shall be evaluated at least annually by the employee's immediate 28 supervisor; provided, however, that employees may be evaluated more than once per year at the 29 District's discretion. Bargaining unit members will not administer such evaluations. The employee 30 shall be required to sign a copy of his/her evaluation acknowledging receipt. The employee may attach