Other Adjustments definition

Other Adjustments has the meaning set forth in the definition ofPro Forma Basis.”
Other Adjustments amount(s) entered in the multiyear projections (pages 5a and 5b) for 1st and 2nd Subsequent FY? "Other Adjustments" could indicate that a budget reduction plan was/is being developed to address deficit spending, and to rebuild reserves. Any amount shown below must have an explanation. If additional space is needed, attach a separate sheet, or use page 9a. MYP Amount "Other Adjustments" Explanation 1st Subsequent FY Unrestricted, Page 5a $ - 1st Subsequent FY Restricted, Page 5b $ - 2nd Subsequent FY Unrestricted, Page 5a $ - 2nd Subsequent FY Restricted, Page 5b $ - Printed 7/1/2021 at 3:40 PM Los Angeles County Office of Education Business Advisory Services Revised 07/15/2020 Teachers Association of Paramount J. COMPARISON OF PROPOSED CHANGE IN TOTAL COMPENSATION TO CHANGE IN LCFF FUNDING FOR THE NEGOTIATED PERIOD The purpose of this form is to determine if the district has entered into bargaining agreements that would result in salary increases that are expected to exceed the projected increase in LCFF funding. (fill out columns for which there is an agreement) Prior Year 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 LCFF Funding per ADA 12,099.69 12,094.62 $12,628.70 $12,900.26 a.
Other Adjustments means other adjustments impacting the Company’s cash flows approved by the Committee, which were not anticipated or budgeted for by the Company in the Company’s annual budget for the particular year, including, without limitation, adjustments relating to the impact from asset sales; mergers & acquisition activities (including the impact of assumption of post-closing liabilities); unanticipated insurance proceeds or settlements; unanticipated legal expenses and judgments; cash incentive compensation paid to the Company’s employees; non-recurring items as determined in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”); changes in accounting standards; changes in pension costs and discontinued operations; changes in currency exchange rates; changes in interest rates; and extraordinary items as determined in accordance with GAAP.

Examples of Other Adjustments in a sentence

  • These charges are included under "Other Adjustments, Net" in the reconciliation of McKesson's GAAP financial results to Adjusted Earnings (Non-GAAP) provided in the Schedule 2 of the accompanying financial statement tables.

  • This field is optional unless the net accrual adjustments are material, impact the risk corridor of the prior settled fiscal year or the PIHP reported expenditures in row 1.f – Other Adjustments.

  • This funding is deducted from the funding of the school district of residence as part of the Other Adjustments of the SFPR and transferred to the CBDD.

  • This is the total Net Income after Extraordinary Items & Other Adjustments minus line 12.

  • Code values include, “CO” for contractual obligation, “OA” for Other Adjustments, and “PR” for patient responsibility.

More Definitions of Other Adjustments

Other Adjustments means amounts determined in good faith by the Board as increases or decreases of amounts available for distribution, which adjustment will be consistent with past practices, and may include, but would not be limited to, nonrecurring transaction expenses or GAAP to cash variances for lease accounting.
Other Adjustments means, as of any date and time, the aggregate amount of (i) all fees and expenses (whether or not yet invoiced) that have not been paid, incurred by or on behalf of, or to be paid by, the Companies or their Subsidiaries in connection with the Sale Process or otherwise relating to the negotiation, preparation or execution of this Agreement or any documents or agreements contemplated hereby or the performance or consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby (other than with respect to any Transfer Taxes), including (A) all brokers’ or finders’ fees and (B) fees and expenses of counsel, advisors, consultants, investment bankers, accountants, auditors and experts, and relating to any “data rooms” including the Data Room (the fees and expenses described under this definition of Other Adjustments collectively, “Transaction Expenses”); (ii) the amounts payable under each Retention Agreement to the extent such amounts are payable by the Companies or one of their Subsidiaries and not reflected in Net Working Capital; and (iii) with respect to all fees and expenses paid or payable by Sellers or their Affiliates (including the Companies and their respective Subsidiaries) in connection with the Separation Activities, (A) if the aggregate amount of such fees and expenses do not exceed $15,000,000, such aggregate amount, (B) if the aggregate amount of such fees and expenses exceed $15,000,000 but do not exceed $25,000,000, the sum of $15,000,000 and 50% of the excess of such aggregate amount over $15,000,000 and (C) if the aggregate amount of such fees exceed $25,000,000, $20,000,000, in the case of clauses (A), (B) and (C) to the extent such amounts are payable by the Companies or one of their Subsidiaries following the Closing and not reflected in Net Working Capital.
Other Adjustments means all expenses incurred by the Company, including expenses (including legal counsel and accountants’ fees and expenses) incurred by CES or any of its Affiliates that the Company has agreed to pay, in connection with the Transactions (including all costs, expenses and Taxes associated with compliance with this Agreement or the Asset Purchase Agreement), that are paid on or after the Closing Date or on or after the “Closing Date” under the Asset Purchase Agreement.
Other Adjustments means such addition of income or subtraction of expense as shall be determined under Section 8.2(D). Except as is expressly provided otherwise in this Agreement, terms used in this Section 8.2 are ascribed the meanings given them under GAAP, and computations made pursuant to this Section 8.2 shall be made in accordance with GAAP.
Other Adjustments means those certain income or expense items of the Company credited to or charged against the operations of the Company and credited to or charged against the operations of Xxxxxxxxx, which are identified and quantified by Buyer prior to the Closing Date.
Other Adjustments has the meaning specified in Section 5.5.
Other Adjustments. In addition to the other adjustments herein, the following adjustments shall be applied to the Conversion Price: