SECTION 28 Sample Clauses

SECTION 28. Benefits of Rights Agreement; Determinations and Actions by the Board of Directors, etc..................................................25 SECTION 29. Severability.............................................................26 SECTION 30.
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SECTION 28. 1.1 The amount will be $1,550.00.
SECTION 28. 29 During the term of this Agreement, it is expressly agreed that rights of the Board, as contained in this 30 Agreement, may be exercised by the Board without necessity of prior negotiations with the 31 Association either as to the taking of action under such rights or with respect to the consequence of 32 such action. The District reserves the right to require a drug/alcohol test of any employee covered by 33 this Agreement whenever there is a reasonable suspicion of misuse, post-accident, or as selected for 34 random testing as allowed by law. Should such test reveal prohibited drug/alcohol use, the District 35 also reserves the right to make whatever requirements and/or job actions are appropriate as consistent 36 with prevailing laws and regulations. 37 38 39 40 ARTICLE III 41 42 RIGHTS OF EMPLOYEES 43
SECTION 28. 1.1 17 Employees shall not be required to do paraeducator evaluations, however they are encouraged to 18 provide input so a fair evaluation can be written for the paraeducator.
SECTION 28. 2 21 Playground, bus and recess supervisors shall not be considered as performing professional instructional 22 responsibilities.
SECTION 28. 3 25 Employees who are assigned paraeducators shall only be responsible for supervision of the paraeducator 26 while the employee and paraeducator are at the same worksite. Employees shall not be responsible for 27 supervision of a paraeducator during the employee’s lunch or planning period.
SECTION 28. 16 The primary purpose of installed video cameras is to maintain student discipline and safety. Video can 17 be used to supplement annual job performance evaluations, but will not be used for the annual 18 evaluation itself, and can be used for discipline follow-up and retraining purposes. Employees and 19 their authorized union representatives will be allowed to review the tape(s) of video camera(s) when 20 there is an issue of student or employee misconduct. Viewing of video will be done in such a manner 21 that the privacy of the employee and students are protected. The employee’s permission will be 22 obtained before tapes are used for training purposes. The parties acknowledge that said videos are 23 public records and that employees will be notified before the District releases any video as required by 24 statute. 26 27 28 ARTICLE III 29 30 RIGHTS OF THE UNION 31
SECTION 28. 27 The District may request proof of immunizations from its employees. Once immunization records have 28 been provided to the District, such records shall be maintained in the employee’s personnel file. No 29 specific vaccine shall be required as a condition of employment unless ordered by the Washington 30 State Department of Health. Employees without required vaccinations may only be excluded from the 31 work site if so ordered by the Washington State Department of Health.
SECTION 28. Section 2.8 of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

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  • Section 3.4 47 Each employee reserves and retains the right to delegate any right or duty contained in this Agreement, 48 exclusive of compensation for services rendered, to appropriate officials of the Association.

  • Section 3.5 29 Neither the District, nor the Association, shall discriminate against any employee subject to this 30 Agreement on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, age or marital status or because of a 31 disability with respect to a position, the duties of which may be performed efficiently by an individual 32 without danger to the health or safety of the disabled person or others.

  • SECTION 312 The Primary Servicer shall promptly (but in no event later than thirty (30) days after the related inspection or receipt of the inspection report, which ever is later, or collection, as applicable) forward to the Master Servicer a copy of all inspection reports prepared by the Primary Servicer and all operating statements, budgets, rent rolls and financial statements collected by the Primary Servicer. The Primary Servicer may engage a third party at its cost to perform property inspections and prepare property inspection reports without first obtaining the consent of the Master Servicer; provided, however, that the Primary Servicer shall remain obligated and primarily liable to the Master Servicer for satisfactory completion of the inspections and reports as required by this Agreement. If any inspection report identifies a “life safety” or other material deferred maintenance item existing with respect to the related Mortgaged Property, the Sub-Servicer (x) shall promptly send to the related Borrower (with a copy to the Master Servicer by email to a letter identifying such deferred maintenance item and instructing the related Borrower to correct such deferred maintenance item and (y) shall notify the Master Servicer (by email to upon resolution of such life safety or deferred maintenance item.

  • Section 2.2 17 The right to make reasonable rules and regulations shall be considered acknowledged functions of the 18 District. In making rules and regulations relating to personnel policies, procedures and practices, and 19 matters of working conditions, the District shall give due regard and consideration to the rights of the 20 Association and the employees and to the obligations imposed by this Agreement. 24 A R T I C L E I I I

  • Section 21 25 It is agreed that the customary and usual rights, powers, functions, and authority of management are 26 vested in management officials of the District. Included in these rights in accordance with and subject to 27 applicable laws, regulations, and provisions of this Agreement, is the right to direct the work force, the 28 right to hire, promote, retain, transfer, and assign employees in positions; the right to suspend, discharge, 29 demote, or take other disciplinary action against employees; and the right to release employees from 30 duties because of lack of work or for other legitimate reasons. The District shall retain the right to 31 maintain efficiency of the District operation by determining the methods, means, and the personnel by 32 which such operation is conducted.

  • SECTION 310 Computation of Interest............................ 29

  • Section 204 Issuance of the Preferred Securities..................................................11

  • Section 11.1 28 The District shall have the right to discipline or discharge an employee for justifiable cause. The issue 29 of justifiable cause shall be resolved in accordance with the grievance procedure hereinafter provided.

  • SECTION 112 Governing Law..................................................14 SECTION 113. Legal Holidays.................................................14

  • Section 4.5 7 The President of the Association and designated representatives may be provided time off without loss 8 of pay to a maximum of ten (10) days per year to attend local, regional or State meetings when the 9 purpose of those meetings is in the best interest of the District as determined by the District 10 administration.