Section 10.2.1 Sample Clauses

Section 10.2.1. 32 Each probationary employee shall be evaluated by his or her Immediate Supervisor before the
Section 10.2.1. Business of the Company ----------------------- The Company shall not, and shall not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to, engage in any business other than an ATM Network Business.
Section 10.2.1. 5 After the initial probationary period, employees who bid on and are awarded a new job 6 assignment must remain in that position for the duration of the school year unless a new or 7 open position offers monetary gain, such as an increase in hours. However, in the event that 8 extenuating circumstances exist, the District and the Association will consider the situation on a 9 case-by-case basis.
Section 10.2.1. 39 An employee who is promoted shall be in a trial status in the new position for a period of forty 40 five (45) workdays. A demotion back to the employee's previous position during trial is 41 subject to review under the grievance procedure, with said review to be limited to whether the 42 demotion was arbitrary and capricious.
Section 10.2.1. 2 Any employee who elects to move from a crossing guard position to any other paraeducator 3 position shall complete a new sixty (60) day probationary period.
Section 10.2.1. 21 If in the course of duty an employee may have been exposed to a life debilitating or life 22 threatening toxic substance or disease (such as, but not limited to TB, AIDS, Hepatitis B), the 23 District will:
Section 10.2.1. 24 When employees co-mingle work as a bus driver and a position in another classification, they 25 shall be compensated at one and one-half (1-1/2) times their base hourly rate for all hours 26 worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week.
Section 10.2.1. Limitation on Lines of Business........................... 70 SECTION 1022.